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• 8/10/2015

In case you haven't heard...

Hello, Ariana Grande Wiki. I'm KCCreations, a bureaucrat on the English Maximum Ride and Zedd Wikis, as well as a frequent Community Central-goer. I'm here to address something not all of you may be aware of.

Due to hacks that have occurred repeatedly on the Wikia Developers Wiki—as well as some security breaches on certain wikis (not this one)—Wikia is upping their security temporarily. Site-wide JavaScript has been turned off for the time being, meaning that certain aspects of the AGW may not work properly. As an example, ExtendedNavigation won't show up on the navigation bar (as shown here). (CSS—the code that bolds the names of admins here, like this: User:Divine618—will not be affected by the changes.) This turn-off will only be temporary (as I said earlier); however, its end date has not been determined yet.

Also, if you are afraid that your account might be compromised (though the chances it will be are highly unlikely considering how many millions of users use Wikia) or that your password is too basic, I'd recommend changing your password via Special:Preferences. For a visual explanation on what makes a better password, refer here.

I am not trying to scare you. I am only trying to inform you of this. So don't be afraid; just go on with your lives normally.

(For updates, follow this thread.)

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• 8/10/2015

Update: JavaScript was supposed to be re-enabled last night (or this morning, depending on your location), but it hasn't been yet. However, it might be re-enabled later today/tonight, and I still recommend changing your password if you think it will be a good idea.

• 8/11/2015
'''Another update:''' JavaScript is back on.
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