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• 12/1/2015

Theory about Moonlight release date - READ!

I know this may not be true but I'm just doing some supossitions that moonlight would be out by the 22th of january. To prove this let's get back to Problem music video release. This video was released the 30th may on her channel. Then almost 3 months later, the 22th of august My Everything was released in Europe, the 25th in USA and worldwide, and in Japan the 27th. Now we know that Focus was released the 30th october and if we count the days we could supose that this album may be released the 22th January almost 3 months after the release of Focus. Also, maybe this won't be that relevant but Ariana called herself Focus as Problem's big sister. It's just a supossition but I'm excited as hell for the album so I needed to throw some random thoughts.

My Everything (album)

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• 12/21/2015

lmao it doesn't work like that. At all. You can't just take a previous release schedule and apply it exactly to another era. The circumstances are way different this time so that kind of inclusive reasoning is ridiculous and inapplicable.

First of all the Problem MV was released over a month after the song release. The Focus MV premiered with the song so that's not even a logical conclusion that Moonlight will come by January 22nd. Not to mention January is literally the worst month for music sales.

Focus was a relative flop and most people hated the song. I imagine that Moonlight is coming a lot later than January, probably late February or March. Ariana's team will try to release an appealing mini-comeback single soon to save the Moonlight era first, since the album will undoubtedly flop if they don't do anything.

Ariana has repeatedly said that this will be her best album yet and she'll take as much time as she needs on it. In theory if it's set for a January release, she'll have had just over a year to work on the album--including her giant world tour that took up a majority of that time. She's not going to rush the album. That's where Christmas & Chill comes in. It was a strategic release to hold fans off for a bit while Ariana keeps working on Moonlight.

• 1/1/2016

WOW! @Cashmcat That Was Brilliant!!!

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