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• 1/6/2016

How to identify fake tracklists

since many people are so is a guide to identify fake tracklists

Biggest signs of a fake tracklist / song: (in order of significance)

1) No link or tangible source, just a "screenshot"

2) There is a "source" provided but it's obscure / unknown / unreliable (e.g. "You'll Be Alright" being "confirmed" on Checksong)

2) Generic name (e.g. That's How It Is, Happier, Too Late, etc.)

2b) Random / weird name (e.g. Accelerate, When Push Comes to Shove, Bad Bitch, Je t'aime, etc.)

2c) Ridiculous things (e.g. Pink Champagne Remix)

3) Messy, informal looking screenshot (e.g. bright fluorescent colors, ugly font, irregular spacing; tracklist is just words typed into a document and screenshotted, not a website)

There are already hundreds of cupcakes believing names like Driving, Open Doors, and...When Push Comes to Shove?? Like wtf are these names

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• 3/21/2016

You don't even need a mind to know Checksong is fake. It is made with Weebly, a site maker that has no capabillity of recording a catalog or such without any special type of code. Plus, there use to be a "secret password" and i entered random letters and I got in. But these are some nice tips!

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