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• 3/18/2016

Dangerous woman deluxe and tracks

How come the deluxe edition isn't on iTunes for pre order? Here's what I think happened. The standard edition is 15 tracks. That's a huge album. I think her record label told her that there are enough songs and not to do a deluxe. That's why she cut Intro, because its Just an intro and she wanted fans to have more. Same with Focus, she wanted to give her fans more so she cut it since it was already released. That's just my theory.

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• 3/20/2016

good theory!! i think ariana said there will be a few special editions (maybe like a target edition or something), but that hasn't been officially announced yet, My Everything had 17 songs on the target edition, so maybe there will be a couple more

• 3/20/2016
but then again japan usually has special editions but the only extra track they have right now is focus and i don't think ariana would release a special edition everywhere with just focus as a bonus track bc people that bought it as a single wouldn't buy the special edition just to get focus again
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