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"95 Million" (stylized in all lowercase; commonly known as "Drunk") is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande that was intended for her sixth studio album, Positions.


A snippet of the song leaked on December 26, 2023, alongside four other songs that were "Oh, Darling", "Brandy Melville", "Lalala", and "Bowzer".

The full song and session leaked on January 22, 2024, alongside many unreleased song sessions.



  • The song is a mumble demo.
  • The file name for the instrumental is titled "Topline".
  • This is one of the songs that was seen in a leaked screenshot of Tommy Brown’s files.
  • In the eighth vocal take from the session, she raps with several different melodies and is heavily and noticeably drunk, but mostly coherent.


[Vocal Take 08]
This shit is crazy, man
I'm so drunk, fuck, wow


Fredo's dancing with the iPad
Mommy's packing up, everybody out
I'm still cutting vocals

It's 3AM, everyone else is leaving
I don't give a fuck, I know that I'm never leaving
I just wanna sing and I'm really fucking drunk, yeah, (laughing)

I drink red wine till Tommy kicks me out
I drink, I sing till Tommy kicks me out
I drink, I write till Tommy kicks me out
Just kidding, he never kicks me out, yeah

I'm a lucky bitch, I'm a lucky bitch
I write stupid songs and they make me rich
Tommy too, Billy too
Even though we ain't got no Grammys

Yeah, yeah, fuck the Grammys
Yeah, fuck the Grammys (laughing), yeah
Fuck the Grammys, yeah, yeah

Tommy buys a new sweat suit everyday, yeah
He wake up and go to the mall and he buy a new swim shirt everyd-
Sweatshirt, swimsuit everyday (laughing)

This wine hitting, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yuh (laughing)
Fredo really
He looking cute, he wearing a red hoodie, yuh, yuh
And Mikey in the bed right down the street, yuh
I'ma sleep over there, yeah
I won't make it home cause I am way too drunk, yuh, yuh, yuh (Woo)

I don't care, we made three good songs today
Really fucking good, everybody's shaking
Nobody can- else can make songs like we do
We make songs with better than everybody else

Billy bought a new house today, he made an offer on a new place
He and his wife gon' live in a new house, they gon' smash tonight, yeah
You gon' wake her up with some good dick tonight, yeah, yeah
Billy gon' wake his wife up with some new dick, with some new crib dick

Yeah, he made a offer and he gon' give her some new dick
At 4AM, how long do you live away?
You live like thirty minutes away but you gon' get home in time
To wake her up with some new crib dick
New crib (laughing), ooh

Xavi, he's over there laughing at my, around doing-
I think he like it, yeah, yeah, yeah
Xavi a new boy, and he a new boy
Yeah, he in a new crib, yeah

Xavi, he makin' em beats, yeah, yeah
He the new superstar, he in the crib
He makin', he turnin' heads
He makin' beats when 'em, ooh, yeah

He got a wife, he from Hawaii
He make good beats, he got a hmm, yeah
He in a hoodie, he got a wife
He from Hawaii, yeah

I need to go to sleep
Thank you Tommy for the wine
Thank you Tommy for a good time
Who the fuck driving me home?
Who, how the fuck am I getting out of here?
I'ma sleep in an envelope in a drawer
In Tommy's desk, yeah

I'm gonna sleep on a tennis court
I'm gonna sleep on a tennis court
Yeah, yeah

Where's Carmen when you need her?
Just kidding, I'm fucking, just kidding
God forbid she come back
God forbid she come back
God forbid she come back
God forbid a bitch come back

That shit was sounding like
Every other song she ever fucking write
That same, with song like every song
That a bitch ever write

She knows, she likes to go like this
She likes to go like that

I'm done
Yo, get me fuck out of here
Stop, oh man, shit
I'ma fall asleep in here
Can you let me out?


October 30, 2020 • 41:07 • Republic Records
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