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A Snow White Christmas is a stage production that takes place in the Pasadena Playhouse and should have originally run from December 12 to December 23, 2012, but ended up running until December 30, 2012. Ariana Grande starred as Snow White.[1]

This musical is an updated version of the classic tale, in the style of the traditional British family Panto. A "Panto" is known for its interactive style and humor that appeals to fairy tale fans of all ages.[2]

Described as an interactive comedy, A Snow White Christmas feature family-friendly magic, dancing, a live miniature pony and modern contemporary music from Katy Perry’sFirework” to Huey Lewis and the News’Power of Love” to Michael Jackson’sThriller” and more. Each performance begin with a Winter Wonderland event, featuring holiday music, crafts, activities and games for families.[3]


  • Ariana Grande as Snow White
  • Curt Hansen as the Prince
  • Neil Patrick Harris as the Magic Mirror
  • Charlene Tilton as the Wicked Queen
  • Jonathan Scott Meza as Muddles
  • David Figoli as Herman the Huntsman


  • Tickets for the show could be purchased here (not anymore).
  • Ariana had her fitting for the role of Snow White on November 5, 2012. [5]
  • Ariana had a photo shoot for Snow White on November 12, 2012. [6]
  • The first rehearsal for this Musical was on November 26, 2012. [7]
  • In the original tale, Snow White, there are dwarfs that star in the tale. It is unknown if there will be dwarfs in the movie.
  • Opening night was on December 12, 2012.
  • The production ended on December 30, 2012.



Snow White: You wanted to see me, Auntie?
Wicked Queen: Don't call me "Auntie". It makes me sound like a desperate old maid.
Snow White: [sighs]

Wicked Queen: From now on, you will cook, clean, and scrub for me. From now on, you will be my kitchen maid. [pushes Snow White to the floor]
Snow White: Kitchen maid?
Wicked Queen: Yes. It's about time you know some rules around here.
Snow White: But it's Christmas time!



"Ain't nobody gonna touch it."
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