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Aaron Simon Gross is Ariana Grande's best friend. They both grew up in Boca Raton, Florida and have been friends for a long time. Following being childhood best friends, Aaron and Ariana both starred in 13: The Musical on Broadway in 2008. They are still very close and see each other frequently, maintaining a great relationship.

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • He is a best friend of Ariana Grande along with Alexa Luria.
  • Aaron and Ariana made a web series back in 2007 called "Freaky Forever," about 2 siblings who switched bodies and were on a journey to switch back. It was inspired by the movie Freaky Friday.[1]
  • He also was on "3 of a kind", a series posted on honturu channel about 2 people with superpowers (him and Ariana)
  • He and Ariana both starred in 13: The Musical on Broadway back in 2008.
  • They used to frequently perform and make videos together, there are multiple videos on YouTube that showcase them singing, dancing and goofing around.
  • Ariana and Aaron are both super-fans of the Harry Potter series.[2]
  • Ariana and Aaron are also big fans of Mario and still play it a lot together.
  • Aaron attended Ariana's 18th and 21st birthdays.
  • Aaron organised Ariana's 20th birthday with Colleen Ballinger and Elizabeth Gillies.
  • On November 1, 2015, Aaron was in many of Ariana’s Snapchats. One was him, Ariana, Joan, and a few others singing Ariana's version of "Zero To Hero" from Hercules.
  • Ariana and Aaron made a comedic workout video in 2010,[3]
  • Ariana also posted a video of him "reviewing" 33 different types of ice cream.
  • Aaron appeared in one of Ariana's vines captioned, "Pacific Overtures" on January 1, 2014.
  • Ariana tweeted that when she showed Aaron the Sweetener album cover, he said it even looked good upside down. This gave Ariana the idea of the upside down theme as it perfectly reflected how she was feeling about life at that time.
  • Ariana spent Christmas 2018 with Aaron and a few other close friends.
  • Aaron attended a Jim Carrey themed birthday party that Ariana hosted.