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Alyx Liu (born July 24, 1991) is a professional celebrity hairstylist known for their work for and as Ariana Grande's hairstylist. They first worked with Grande as her personal hairstylist for the Dangerous Woman Tour. Liu is also one of Grande's best friends.

Relationship with Ariana[]

  • Liu is part of Grande's team since early 2017, doing her hair for most of her public outings.
  • Over the time, Liu and Grande became really good friends, Ariana shared many good memories with them via her Instagram stories.
  • When they launched their hair ties brand, Grande talked about it numerous times.
  • Alyx is a R.E.M. Beauty brand ambassador and regularly creates content for the brand's social medias and hosted the R.E.M. Beauty Sephora EU Tour press event in Paris.
  • Alyx appears in the Netflix film Excuse Me, I Love You. A few segments of the film is show them doing Ariana's hair before her shows.
  • They did Ariana's hair for her wedding.
  • They helped to design the ponytail for the "In My Head" Vogue video with WhatWigs.
  • They worked on the Elle Magazine 2018 photoshoot.