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Ariana's Twilight Zone is a Halloween party hosted by Ariana Grande at her Los Angeles home on October 31, 2019. The party included many celebrities and friends of Grande's.


Grande has always been a fan of Halloween and she loves dressing up since she was a kid. She is also a fan of the 1959 TV series The Twilight Zone. For Halloween 2019, Grande decided to host a party at her former Los Angeles home during her break before the last leg of the Sweetener World Tour. This is Grande's only known Halloween party that she hosted herself.



Grande dressed up as a character inspired from episode 6 of the second season of the famous show titled "Eye of the Beholder". She wore a full face prosthetic to achieve the spooky look. In fact, Grande's face was totally covered and the prosthetic had a makeup look on top to complete the costume.

With the makeup and prosthetic, Grande wore a 1920s-inspired outfit with a sparkly dress, a light pink jacket with faux fur. She also had a headband with a feather, typical fashion accessory of the gilded age. In the promotional photoshoot for her social medias, Grande wore a rather similar outfit but in full black, accessorized with a cigarette holder.


For the occasion, Grande reached out to luxury event planner and designer Tricia Smith Brown. Grande wanted her entire house to be decorated and inspired from classic horror movies including the theme of The Twilight Zone. The entrance of Grande's house was like a portal to the fourth dimension with a "Scary, Not So-Scary" sign. Every room of Grande's house was decorated and featured actors in several rooms to immerse the guests even more. The main color of the party's decoration was red and purple, There was a photo-booth installed where guests could take pictures. This was the same system as the Sweetener World Tour's meet & greet photo-booth. A special logo was made for the party.

The party's main activities happened outside on the terrace of the house. Grande's pool was turned into a blood-colored fountain with many skulls, candles and dried roses. A bar was installed with the counter being a coffin. Two giant chandeliers were hung above the bar area. A Blood Bar was also set up, separated from the main bar, with with blood transfusions containing a vodka and rose water-based cocktail called "The Drip". the other cocktails and drinks at the party were called after famous serial killers and expressions like: "Jeffrey Dahmer", "Charles Manson", "Kiss of Death", "Ted Bundy" and "The Zone". A stage was also installed for a band to play live music during the night. There was a dining area with tables near the buffet and also a lounge area with couches, armchairs and vintage poofs.

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