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Ariana Grande's 18th Birthday was on June 26, 2011.


Ariana Grande's 18th Birthday Party

How she celebrated[]

On June 25, 2011, Ariana held a huge birthday party extravaganza at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The main event of the night was a musical concert with performances from Ariana herself, her friends, and other celebrities. Guests arrived at the check in and were given pink t-shirts with Ariana’s party logo (a heart with AG 18 in it), water and a boxed meal. The guests would then be walked over by the staff and were seated in a theater. The concert ended at around 11:30 pm.

After the concert, the actual party began to start and Ariana had a meet and greet with selected fans who had won a contest. Each fan had a photo taken with Ariana, a signed picture, and a cupcake. At the party, there were tables of cakes and candy, two photo booths (one of which made flip books), home made ice cream, fortune telling, silhouettes, and a DJ. The waitresses wore old fashioned clothes and skates. Every guest got a pink Snuggie with Ariana’s birthday logo on it as they left the party which around 2-3 am.


Ariana's brother, Frankie, was the host of the concert.

Greyson Chance sang two of his own songs. Then Ariana and Greyson sang a duet of Greyson's song "Unfriend You" and showed the music video which Ariana made an appearance in. Iyaz sang two songs then Ariana joined him and they sang their duet "You're My Only Shawty" for the first time ever. Colleen Ballinger performed as Miranda Sings. Ariana sang of cover of "Only Girl in the World". Other performances were made by Taylor Dayne, Elizabeth Gillies, Aaron Simon Gross, Neil Haskell, Tayla Parx, Graham Phillips, and Leon Thomas III. Near the end of the concert, Patti LaBelle appeared and say "Happy Birthday" to Ariana. She then performed "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and a duet of "Lady Marmalade" with Ariana.

Guest list[]

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