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osnapitzari, now Ariana Grande`, is Ariana Grande's official YouTube channel. She named her YouTube channel "osnapitzari" which means "Oh, snap, it's Ari". This is a reference to the Disney series That's So Raven. Currently, she has 99 videos with a total of more than 139 million views.


Ariana has made many impressions of different artists/people she likes. Ariana's old videos were of when she was a brunette before she became famous. She has also made many song covers and other miscellaneous videos. Ariana deletes videos frequently, usually ones that are old covers of songs. For example, she deleted "Rolling in the Deep" even though it was her most viewed video with over 40 million views. Her first video was Ain't No Other Man, her most viewed video is her cover of "Emotions" by Mariah Carey, and her most recent video is a Google hangout with herself .


This a list of Ariana's covers that are still on Youtube from oldest to newest.

Lullaby Friday

On September 27, 2013, Ariana said she was going to start a new series on her Youtube channel. The songs she would sing would be covers and they would be sung "lullaby like". Although, Ariana didn't do a new video every Friday, she has posted five videos to date. Four of them have the name #LullabyFriday in the title. It is unknown if she will continue Lullaby Friday.[1]

Freaky Forever

When Ariana was younger, she did a parody of the movie Freaky Friday called Freaky Forever about two siblings who one day woke up in each other's bodies.

Starring in this series are Ariana Grande and Aaron Simon Gross as the siblings (although they are not related in real life).


  • Many people have also tried to impersonate Ariana Grande with different variations of her channel name, but the only YouTube accounts she is affiliated with are osnapitzari, Ariana Grande, ArianaGrandeVevo, and WeAreStoopKid.
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