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|Occupation = Actress, Singer
|Occupation = Actress, Singer
|Years Active = 2008- Present}}
|Years Active = 2008- Present}}
 *Ariana's best friends are her long time friends Alexa Luria and Elizabeth Gillies (See [[Elizabeth Gillies]] for more about her relationship with Liz).
*She is a "hopeless romantic" (A person obsessed with love and being in love).
*Her natural hair color is brunette, but she dyed her hair to red for her role of Cat in Victorious, since Dan Schneider didn't want all cast members to be brunettes. Her hair is also naturally curly.
*She has a big brother named Frank (nicknamed Frankie by Ariana). He is also a performer and producer and went on tour with her as one of her dancers. He was in the Broadway shows;Mamma Mia
*[[File:Ariana_and_Liz_singing.jpg|thumb|Ariana and Liz]]!' and was Boots the monkey in Dora live.
*Frank Grande is Ariana's ''half''-sibling (Same mother, different father).[[File:Download.jpg|thumb|Ariana and Frankie]]
*Ariana's mother's name is Joan Grande.
*Ariana's father's name is Edward Butera.
*Ariana's fashion icons are Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.[[File:Ariana posing with a posticle.jpg|thumb]]
*Ariana's favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs.
*Ariana has to make her voice ''way'' higher to play Cat.
**Ariana is allergic to shellfish and certain medicines, she is not sure she is allergic to shellfish, but the women in her family are, badly, so she does not take any chances.<ref>[ Ariana says what she is allergic to]</ref>
*Ariana's [ YouTube] channel is osnapitzari (Oh, snap, it's Ari!)
*Ariana runs the YouTube channel [ WeAreStoopKid ]along with her co-stars on Victorious, Matt Bennett and Liz Gilles.
*Ariana joined Youtube on 21/1/2007.
*Ariana has a birthmark on her left shoulder (and her right cheek{{source needed}}).
*Ariana loves Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Imogean Heap.
*Ariana is a huge techno-junkie and uses [ GarageBand] to create remixes of her favorite songs using an Apple computer and a Boss looping station RC50, meant for guitars, but Ariana plugs her microphone in and uses her voice instead,seen on [ this video].
*Ariana is a fan of the Harry Potter series. Coincidentally, there's a character named Ariana (Ariana Dumbledore) in the books.[[File:Ariana posing for her music video "Put your hearts up".jpg|thumb]]
*Ariana loves swimming.
*Airana's favorite movie is "13 going on 30".
*Ariana used to collect stuffed animals, hockey pucks, and Halloween masks.
*Ariana has a dimple on her right cheek.
*Ariana's '''fan '''mail address is 265 S. Federal Hwy Suite 331 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.
*Ariana's favorite colors are periwinkle blue, marshmallow white, sea foam green, red and coral/pale pink.
*Ariana was on BrainSurge and wore a pink t-shirt and skinny jeans. She had 130 points, allowing her to move onto the next round, being the only girl to compete. But then she lost, along with Carlos (from Big Time Rush) and was the first one to slide down "The Brain Drain". The episode aired on April 21st 2011.[[File:Die_in_your_arms_7.png|thumb]]
*Ariana is studying Spanish.
*Ariana loves to wear dresses.
*Ariana loves Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn and can impersonate them quite well.
*Ariana has a talent for mimicking the speaking and singing voices of others, including but not limited to Britney Spears, Shakira, her co-star Liz Gillies, Katy Perry, a laughing baby, a crying baby and a baby lamb "baaa-ing".
*Ariana's height is 5' 2½" (1.59 m).
*[[File:Die_in_your_arms_6.png|thumb|Ariana with her best friend, Alexa.]] Ariana currently lives in L.A. Her house is over 100 years old and was previously owned by Francis Ford Coppola, the director of ''The Godfather. ''<ref>[ video Ariana talks about her house]</ref>
*Ariana loves the restaurant "Toast".
*Ariana enjoys watching the hit TV show [ Gossip Girl], America's Next Top Model, and Project Runway.
*Ariana's first crush was Justin Timberlake (she was three).
*Ariana has a dog named Coco.
*Ariana doesn't eat meat except for fish and is allergic to shellfish and some cough medicines.
 *Ariana went to her first concert, a Katy Perry concert, in the summer of 2011.
*Ariana says she can't stand it when you smile at a stranger and they don't smile back.
*Ariana went to Washington, DC for the "Worldwide Day of Play 2011".
*Ariana is hypoglycemic.
*Ariana has never eaten a taco or a catfish, though the latter could just have been a joke.
*Jennette McCurdy accidentally made Ariana's phone number public.
*On December 10, 2011, Ariana reached a million followers on Twitter and has now reached over 3.5 million followers.
*Ariana's first single, [[Put Your Hearts Up]] was released on the 12th December and went up to #59 on iTunes. Click [ here] to download it. The music video came out 14th February 2012
*Ariana put her hands in cement at Planet Hollywood, New York on December 22th, 2011.
*Ariana does not have a middle name. <ref>[ Confirmed that Ariana does not have a middle name]</ref>
*Ariana was in the Original Broadway cast of "13: The Musical" with Liz Gillies and Max Schneider. She played Charlotte.
*Ariana wrote a news article about bullying. Click [ here] to read it.[[File:Ariana showing the peace sign.png|thumb]]
*Ariana and Liz are extremely close. They stay up late together, and sing together, as shown multiple times on Ariana's YouTube channel and their tweets.
*Twitter fact: The World Bank, the world's largest development organization, follows Ariana on Twitter.
*Broadway for South Africa, the organization that Ariana supports (it is co-founded by her brother, Frankie) used her debut single, "Put Your Hearts Up" as their theme song for 2012.
*Ariana has recorded a song with Nick Jonas called "Please Don't Let Me Go".
*[[File:Cat Valentine looking at the camera and smiling.jpg|thumb]] Ariana's favorite fruit is strawberry.
*Ariana loves all her fans.
*Ariana loves hair bows, British accents, polka dots, and dolphins.
*Ariana and Graham Phillips were in a relationship for three years. However they broke-up in December 2011.
*Ariana was recently in a relationship with her back-up dancer Jordan Viscomi. They have been in a relationship since Febuary 2012. A few months later, they broke up.
*Ariana hasn't said anything about the relationship between her and Jordan, but Jordan has given Arianators ''many ''hints. (Ariana and Jordan fooling around.)
*Ariana's devoted fans are called "Arianators", "The Ariana Army" and "Tiny Elephants".
*On, 7/28/2012, Justin Bieber tweeted about Ariana's cover of Die In Your Arms that she uploaded on her YouTube channel, [ Osnapitzari] .
*Ariana is getting her own spin-off show along with iCarly star, Jennette McCurdy (Sam) so far called "Sam &amp; Cat".
*Ariana started filming for "Sam &amp; Cat" on September 18, 2012.
*Ariana has a dog named Coco.
*Ariana's favorite One Direction song is "'''One Thing'''".
*Ariana will be in an upcoming Nickelodeon movie called "'''Swindle'''", along with several other Nick stars. In this movie Ariana will be portraying a very peppy cheerleader named Amanda.<ref>[ Swindle confirmed]</ref>
*Ariana went to the "'''Madonna'''" concert with her [[Joan Grande|mom in]] Vancouver on September 29, 2012.
*Ariana performed at [ The Big Fresno Fair] on October 13, 2012.
*She loves nutella and can apparently "eat a tub to herself".
*Ariana held a free "[ Meet &amp; Greet with Ariana]" in The Westin Grand, Vancouver on October 28, 2012.
*She has a heart-shaped tattoo on her toe. She has an unreleased song about it, titled "[[Tattooed Heart]]".
*Ariana held a free "[ Meet & Greet with Ariana]" in The Westin Grand, Vancouver on October 28, 2012.
*Ariana performed on the Annual Tree Lighting in LA on Nov 10, 2012.<ref>[ Ariana about performing in the Annual Tree Lighting in LA in 2012]</ref>
*Ariana will be starring in the stage production "[[A Snow White Christmas]]" coming to Pasadena Playhouse in December as Snow White <ref>[ Ariana about A Snow White Christmas]</ref>
*Ariana attended Matt Bennett's 21st birthday. <ref>[ Ariana about Matt's birthday party]</ref>
*Ariana held another "meet and greet" in Arizona, Arrowhead Towne Center Glendale on November 18, 2012. <ref>[ Ariana about the meet and greet]</ref>
*Ariana had a live chat with Colleen Ballinger and her brother [[Frank James Grande|Frankie Grande]] around midnight on November 12/13, 2012.
*Colleen Ballinger is Ariana's vocal coach.
*Ariana and Harry Styles have each others numbers, they keep in touch. She has also mentioned him in some of her livestreams with Liz Gillies.{{Source needed}}
*Ariana had another "Dinner with Ariana" in New York on November 23, 2012.<ref>[ Ariana about the new "Dinner with Ariana"]</ref>
*Ariana went with her family to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York 2012 where [[Jennette McCurdy]] also preformed<ref>[ Ariana tweeting about the parade]</ref> ''(Though they never actually got to see it and ended up watching it on TV<ref>[ Frankie's video about the parade]</ref>)''.
*Ariana knows how to dance the "Oppa Gangnam Style" dance. <ref>[ Ariana dancing Gangnam Style dance with Frankie]</ref>
*Ariana would marry Cookie Monster if she could choose any fictional character to marry. <ref>[ Talking about what fictional character to marry at 9:28]</ref>
*Ariana's favorite animals are dolphins, penguins and whales <ref>[ Ariana about her favorite animals (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana's favorite artists are Frank Ocean, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Imogen Heap and Beyonce. <ref>[ Ariana about her favorite artists (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana believes that everything happens for a reason. <ref>[ Ariana believes everything happens for a reason (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana used to be a cheerleader.<ref>[ Ariana about being a cheerleader (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana's favorite colors are periwinkle and coral. <ref>[ Ariana about her favorite colors]</ref>
*Her favorite actress is Jennifer Garner. <ref>[ Ariana about her favorite actress]</ref>
*Ariana describes her style as a cross between classic. <ref>[ Ariana about her style]</ref>
*Her style icons are Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, Michael Jackson and J Lo. <ref>[ Ariana about her style icons]</ref>
*She wants to go to Japan. <ref>[ Ariana on where she wants to go]</ref>
*She started performing when she was eight years old. <ref>[ Ariana on when she started performing]</ref>
*Her least favorite music genre is dubstep. <ref>[ Ariana on her least favorite genre (though deleted)]</ref>
*She believes in God. <ref>[ Ariana on her religion (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana is currently in a relationship with Jai Brooks. (From The Janoskians) since August 2012. He flew across the world to meet Ariana and family in New York for New Years. In February 2013 they briefly broke up due to the long distance, however, less than a month later confirmed they are back together.<ref>[ Ariana about her current relationship with Jai (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana went to two schools while growing up, Pine Crest School and North Broward Preparatory School .<ref>[ Ariana about moving schools (though deleted)]</ref>
*Ariana said that she likes Demi Lovato's new single called "Heart Attack". She also said that Demi sounded amazing in the song.<ref>[ Ariana tweeting about "Heart Attack]</ref>
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