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Arianators (also known as Tiny Elephants) are the fans of American singer Ariana Grande.



The term "Arianators" gained popularity during the early 2010s, coinciding with Ariana Grande's rise to fame as a solo artist. It quickly became the official name for her devoted fanbase, symbolizing unity and admiration for Grande's artistry and persona.

Community and Culture[]

Arianators are known for their passionate support of Grande's music, projects, and philanthropic endeavors. They often come together on social media platforms, fan forums, and fan-created content channels to celebrate Grande's achievements, share fan art, and discuss her latest releases.


Arianators have played a significant role in shaping Grande's career trajectory, contributing to her chart-topping albums[1], sold-out tours[2], and record-breaking music videos[3]. Their unwavering support continues to propel Grande to new heights of success and influence in the music industry.


Some critics argue that Arianators' intense loyalty can sometimes lead to overzealous behavior, such as excessive defense of Grande or negative reactions to perceived criticism. Like many online fan communities, Arianators have experienced internal drama and conflicts, including disagreements over interpretations of Grande's work or personal life. Additionally, a small minority of individuals claiming to be Arianators have engaged in trolling, cyberbullying, or harassment of others online[4], tarnishing the reputation of the broader fanbase. Critics have also pointed out instances of fan entitlement, where some Arianators demand constant interaction from Grande or express disappointment when their expectations are not met. In online spaces dominated by Arianators, there can be an echo chamber effect where differing opinions or constructive criticism are sometimes dismissed or silenced.