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Avan Tudor Jogia (born February 9, 1992) is a Canadian actor, best known for playing Beck Oliver on Victorious. He is a close friend of Ariana Grande and his best friend is their co-star Victoria Justice, who played Tori Vega. The pairing name of Avan and Ariana is often called "Aviana" (Av/an and Ar/iana) by fans.

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • They tweet each other often.
  • In a Popstar video in which Ariana describes Victorious cast mates with one word, she calls Avan "unique."
  • Ariana tweeted a picture of her and Avan sharing a carrot.
  • Avan called Ariana "my dear" when saying thanks for the birthday wishes.
  • Ariana tweeted that she was proud of Avan for founding SBNN, a group that supports LGBT youth.
  • Ariana tweeted a picture of Avan when she was waiting for her dance lesson with him.
  • In a ClevverTV interview with Ariana, she yells, "Avan! Sorry, Avan was making a funny face," and laughs.
  • On a Popstar video, Ariana mentions Avan twice and calls him "the biggest flirt" and says that he's the cast member who supports her most.
  • In a ClevverTV interview with Avan, he calls Ariana "sweet as pie and hilarious." Also, he calls Ariana "Ari" and says that she and Elizabeth Gillies are fantastic at what they do and are amazing singers.
  • In a cast interview, Avan says that Ariana would most likely break out into song and dance and would be most likely to be caught singing and dancing to herself. He also says, "I love how all my answers were either Matt Bennett or Ariana Grande."
  • When the Victorious cast was performing "I Want You Back" live, at the end Ariana poses with Avan, holding him.
  • In many interviews, Avan said that Ariana has an incredible voice.
  • Avan tweeted a pic of him and Ariana backstage at the Victorious concert at The Avalon Theatre.
  • Ariana greeted Avan on his birthday.
  • In one of Ariana's YouTube videos, Ariana yells for Avan to come over to where she is and in another clip, he asks her if she wants his cookie.
  • In this video, Avan reaches out and pets Liz Gillies' hair as Ariana giggles and watches from behind him. When Liz swats his hand away, Ariana grabs both his shoulders and pulls him closer to her, almost as if she is jealous that he's paying Liz so much attention.
  • In a photo, in the background Ariana has a photo of Avan on the wall.
  • In this video on YouTube where Ariana got a little slimed, she can be seen with/near Avan (including Liz).
  • In one of Dan Schneider's behind-the-scenes video, Ariana is behind Avan while having her arms through his side and placed on his front shoulder, near 1:01.
  • Dan tweeted: Video! Wonder what Jennette McCurdy and the cast of Victorious are doing RIGHT NOW? THIS: In this video, at one point Ariana puts her hands on Avan's shoulders and dances with him, and when she takes her hands off, she still stays with Avan and sings and dances. Also, they both can't keep their eyes off of each other the whole time.
  • Ariana tweeted that she was having dinner with a whole bunch of Nick stars, but the only cast member from Victorious was Avan.
  • Ariana's celebrity crush is Elvis Presley, and everyone in the Victorious cast thinks that Avan looks a little like Elvis.
  • In a video on Dan's YouTube channel of the cast fooling around onset, Ariana is leaning on Avan's back and putting her arms around his shoulders, and he leans forward so it is like she's riding on his back.
  • Avan and Ariana did an interview together and spoke about anti-bullying in this video and this video.
  • When Avan and Ariana were speaking about anti-bullying Ariana says, "And everyone is beautiful and everyone is perfect." In that moment Ariana turns and watches Avan and Avan makes a very flirty face.
  • Avan and Ariana did another interview taking "The America Test" in this video.
  • In the beginning of this interview together, Ariana is just complimenting Avan, and saying that everybody loves him.
  • Ariana and Avan did another interview talking about their characters on Victorious in this video.
  • In this video, Avan and the cast are getting ready to go to the KCA's, around 2:30 he goes and puts more attention towards Ariana than Daniella. He tries to stay with her and he's just filming her.
  • In this other video (the sequel of the tour at the KCA's), everyone is filming at each other and around 2:45 Avan is just filming Ariana. In the same video more soon, Avan goes and looks for Victoria, he said that when Vic and Ari hugged it looked like The Little Mermaid.
    • This ironic because a lot of people say that Ariana looks like Ariel and everyone matches him with her for being Ariel/Prince Eric.
  • Avan told his followers on Twitter to check out Ariana's single "Put Your Hearts Up".
  • Avan was the first of the Victorious cast to congrats Ariana for her one million followers on Twitter.
  • Avan tweeted a photo of him with a wig: "Look I'm @ArianaGrande."
    • Then Isaac said that Ariana said would never wear men's wear. Ariana responded by tweeting "LOL I love you both so much :*"
  • In the video "The Victorious Cast Gets Detention", Avan and Ariana appear talking about them filming "The Breakfast Bunch".
  • Avan tweeted Ariana the best of luck on her concert at the Roxy, and she replied later with "@ATJogia hi! I just saw your good luck tweet from yesterday! I know I'm a little late but thank you & I missed you! See you tomorrow. Xo 💗"
  • Ariana said in her live chat that Avan is a good kisser, and it was nice to kiss him but so intense that he "almost broke her face."
  • Avan tweeted a photo of him and Ariana at the KCA's. They can also be seen standing very close to each other in group photos of the cast at the KCA's.
  • Avan tweeted a photobomb to Ariana and Victoria Justice, to which Ariana responded "LOL oh my god."
  • In a video of the Worldwide Day of Play, Ariana grabs Avan from his hand and pulls him to see a bee in the slime.
  • They sat together on a roller coaster.
  • Avan tweeted "Thanks for the prank call @ArianaGrande, I'm on to your tricks."
  • Ariana posted this video of Avan rubbing his feet on her thigh.
  • Ariana tweeted a video of Avan.
  • In this video, Liz, Ariana, Avan, and Matt are group hugging. Ariana has her legs wrapped around Avan's waist so she would be the same height as everyone and when they collapse, Ariana still has her legs wrapped around Avan's waist.
  • Ariana and Avan took a cooking class together and made chocolate covered strawberries with almonds.
  • Ariana and Avan sat next to each other at the 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards and posted a video about it.
  • Ariana tweeted to Avan that the reason why she broke character in the Victorious episode "Cell Block" was because he was making her laugh too much. 
  • In the "Faster Than Boyz" music video, Ariana jumps into Avan's arms and he catches her and holds her.
  • Avan wished Ariana and Jennette McCurdy good luck for Sam & Cat and Ariana replied: "Thanks :) that's really sweet of you Avan, I miss you!."
  • Avan tweeted "My finger is getting tired from favoriting all the #Twisted Tweets. How does @ArianaGrande do this."
  • Ariana tweeted Avan "Massive congrats to @ATJogia! His show #Twisted got picked up! I can't wait to watch, I'm so happy for u best of luck".
  • Ariana tweeted "Today's the day @ATJogia!!! Good luck I'm so proud of you and I'll be watching. Everybody check out Twisted on ABC family tonight."
  • In a 2009 interview with Total Girl Philippines, Avan described Ariana as "gracious".
  • Avan told his followers on Twitter to check out Ariana and Elizabeth Gillies' cover, "Santa Baby".


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