"Intro" is an unreleased song intended to be on Ariana Grande's third album, Dangerous Woman.


  • This song was meant to be the first track of the album but then it was replaced by Moonlight, confirming that "Intro" had been cut.
  • It was eventually used during the Dangerous Woman Tour an interlude.
  • Ariana posted a picture on Instagram on May 16, 2015, with the "baby loves, i'm tryna talk to you 💭".[1]
  • She then tweeted more lyrics two weeks later.[2]


{{Lyrics| lyrics =

Baby loves, I'm tryna talk to you
There's a boy
And I do not quite know
What to do
Good things come to those of waste
But patience is not my thing
The way he holds me, shows me, he's the one
For sure the one.
I think I'd rather wait for him forever
Instead of having him just for now
And I just want to look up at the moon
I wonder if he is looking at it too
And I do not know what to do

</ Poem>}}


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