The Dangerous Woman Tour - Intro Interlude (Behind The Scenes)

The Dangerous Woman Tour - Intro Interlude (Behind The Scenes)

Ariana Grande - Intro Interlude (Dangerous Woman Tour)

Ariana Grande - Intro Interlude (Dangerous Woman Tour)

"Intro" is an unreleased song which was intended to be the Intro Off Ariana's Intended Album "Moonlight" Due To Making Changes Ariana Re - Named Her Album And Completely Changed All The Tracks From Her Album Unfortunetly Intro Was One Of The Scrapped Tracks


On May 16, 2015, Ariana posted a picture through Instagram with the caption "baby loves, i'm tryna talk to you 💭".[2] Two weeks later, she tweeted more lyrics from the song ("there's a boy and I don't quite know what to do").[3] She confirmed that the lyrics were for the intro song of her upcoming third album, not from the song "Moonlight" as fans thought.[4] However, when Ariana released her album Dangerous Woman, the song did not appear.

UPDATE: From The Date February 3 2017 A Live Audio Is Streamable On Youtube However There Is No Studio Version Take A Listen To The HQ LIVE AUDIO HERE:☀

Ariana eventually decided to use the song as an interlude on the Dangerous Woman Tour in leading into Knew Better. It was first played on February 3, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. Ariana filmed a visual for this song and posted a video of herself filming it as a part of the Dangerous Woman Diaries.


Baby loves, I'm tryna talk to you
There's a boy
And I don't quite know
What to do
Good things come to those who wait
But patience ain't my thing
The way he holds me, shows me, he's the one
For sure the one
I think I'd rather wait for him forever
Instead of having him just for now
At night, just when I look up at the moon
I wonder if he's looking at it too
And I don't know what to do 💜LOVE ARIANA💜


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