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Blackpink (also stylized as BLɅϽKPIИK) is a K-Pop group under YG Entairteinment who started with the members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé in 2016. They are now recognized as the biggest girl group in the world. Ariana Grande and Blackpink are fans of each other and met at Coachella in 2019.


  • Square One (EP) (2016)
  • Square Two (EP) (2016)
  • Square Up (2018)
  • Kill This Love (2019)
  • How You Like That (EP) (2020)
  • The Album (2020)
  • Born Pink (2022)


  • In a live in 2016, they talked about Ariana and sang her song "Into You". Later, Lisa and Jennie sang it again. Lisa and Rosé also sang it in a different live video.
  • In a TV show, Jisoo made a dance cover of "Side To Side".
  • Jennie attended Ariana's Dangerous Woman Tour show in Seoul.
  • In a live where Rosé showed her collection of vinyl's, fans saw the Dangerous Woman physical edition. And when she did lives again later in her room, we saw the album exposed.
  • In an Instagram post, Jennie used the description 'the light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole", these are lyrics from Ari's song "the light is coming".
  • Rosé posted a story with her in a car listening to "goodnight n go". She did another story showing her teddy bear with the the lyrics "why'd you have to be so cute?".
  • Ariana liked a piece of fanart of Jennie on Instagram.
  • In her Instagram story, Rosé shared a cover of her singing "7 rings".
  • A fan texted Ariana on Instagram asking if she knows Blackpink, and if she will try to meet them at Coachella, and Grande answered that she did know them, and would try to meet them there.
  • Blackpink wore NASA's official mask merchandise at Coachella.
  • At Coachella, they met and took a picture together.
  • A fan asked Ariana on Twitter if she would ever collab with Blackpink, and Grande replied "yes but i would probably pass out"
  • Jennie commented on an Instagram post of Ariana.
  • Ariana co-wrote their song "Ice Cream" with Selena Gomez.
  • While attending their show at Manchester Arena, they removed their song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, changed the Lyrics to Whistle and the dance on Kill This Love and dedicated their song "Stay" to the victims.
  • Ariana gifted Rosé a bottle of Cloud Perfume.