• Rosescamila

    ariana is in a leotard , with a ponytail sitting on a bed next to a window and we see her outline. arianas head turns to her left and we see a tear streaming down her face. 

    as ariana's voice starts playing, her "boyfriend" (an actor) opens the door to her bedroom and she quickly wipes the tear way and smiles at him. he comes and lies down next to her. she lipsyncs to the song whilst the guy starts to hug her. they start kissing but it is very forced. ariana wraps her hands around his head and lipsyncs "i'm under your spell" we see ariana's face and then the guys. he then gets a text from someone and gets up to leave and walks out of the room. 

    ariana then walks into the bathroom, still with her leotard on and ponytail and gets in to the sho…

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  • Rosescamila

    this is just a concept lol

    the video starts with ariana and mac miller in a roofless car driving out to the city whilst surrounded by trees. the shot shows the back of their heads and only shows them in the last few moments of this shot, when they're hugging. ariana has space buns and a black and white calvin klien crop top on as well as ripped denim jeans and heels. mac is wearing a brownish-beige shirt with white pants and nikes.

    the car door opens and we see ariana's heels hit the floor as she walks out of the car, accidently dropping one of her greedy for love notes on the floor. the camera focuses on it as ariana keeps walking ahead. the paparazzi then surrounds her and mac whilst getting out of the car. the two continue walking past th…

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  • Rosescamila

    I'm tryna be a detective and predict when this shit will be released probably won't work lol but here i go

    disclaimer real quick : all tho most of these are confirmed and or backed up some of these collabs might not get released or might not be legit but its still fun to investigate i guess haha

    • Esta Noche -  Bia and Ariana clearly made the song months ago now but Bia probably was still working on her Trap Vogue at the time so she couldn't release it. What I find funny is that there were perfect times for them to drop the song, they could've dropped it at midnight the night they performed together or when everyone was getting hype with all of the snippets. So it is quite confusing if it's gonna drop with the album or as a single but i'm gonn…
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  • Rosescamila
    • Leave Me Lonely
    • Intro (Dangerous Woman)
    • My Favourite Part
    • Thinkin' Bout You
    • Let Me Love You
    • Knew Better (Part 2)
    • Adore
    • Heatstroke
    • Love Me Harder
    • Esta Noche
    • Into You (3LAU Remix)
    • The Way 
    • Right There
    • Without Love
    • Be My Baby
    • Jasons Song (Gave It Away)
    • Pink Champagne
    • She Got Her Own
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  • Dangerous Arianator

    Hey everyone! I'm back with a new blog post! And this is what I always wanted to do; ranking all the Dangerous Woman songs. Even the Target ones. Just so you know this is in my opinion so it's not the same one as yours. So enjoy. (So basically all of my favorites first then my least favorites)

    17) I Don't Care - Like I said, this is my least favourite of the album. I don't hate it. But it feels like a part 2 of Wit It This Christmas.

    16) Jason's Song (Gave It Away) - This song is okay for me. At least the piano was a good part of the song.

    15) Thinking Bout You - One of my least favourites. But I liked how the ending went.

    14) Step On Up - It's an awesome song, but it's didn't like the drums and the instrumental of the song.

    13) Leave Me Lonely…

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  • Arifocusonme

    remember when we thought be alright featured nicki? here are those lyrics!! (notes are inbetween stars) THIS IS FAN MADE AND NOT REAL

    '[Intro] (Nicki)''''
    It's Barbie 

    [Verse 1](Ariana) 
    Midnight shadows
    Where finding love is a battle
    But daylight is so close 
    So don't you worry 'bout a thing

    We're gonna be alright
    We're gonna be alright 
    We're gonna be alright

    Baby, don't you know
    All them little tears gon' come and go 
    Baby, you just gotta make up your mind 
    That every little thing is gonna be alright
    Baby don't you know
    All them little tears gon' come and go
    Baby, you just gotta make up your mind
    We decide it

    We're gonna be alright
    We're gonna be alright
    We're gonna be alright

    [Verse 2](Ariana)
    In slow motion
    Can't seem to get where we…

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  • Dangerous Arianator

    Facts about me

    February 22, 2017 by Dangerous Arianator

    Hey everyone. It's Rose. So I'm here with another blog post and this time it's Random Facts about Me!. Ariana Grande edition. So I really hope you know the facts to get to know me a little bit. I hope you enjoy.

    1) My favourite colors are (by order) pink, purple, blue. They're just really cool and awesome colors for me.

    2) The first Ariana Grande song I heard was Problem. I was 10 at the time. After hearing it a few times, it was my favourite song.

    3) Other than Ariana Grande, I love other artists. Such as Melanie Martinez, Halsey, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Marina and the Diamonds, and Beyoncé.

    4) When I grow up, I would want to be a singer, an author, an actress, and maybe a detective.

    5) My favourite TV shows are Gilmore GirlsGirl Meets Wor…

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  • Dangerous Arianator

    Hello everyone. It's Rose, also known as Dangerous Arianator. Don't worry, I'm not a dangerous girl in reality. So, today, I will be writing my first blog post. And this is about how I became an Arianator. This is like a story, and it will be (not that) long. So if you actually have time to read this all, then good for you. So I hope you like.

    How I Became an Arianator

    So basically, I'm still kind of new. I became a fan in November 2016 after I bought Dangerous Woman in October. I listened to her album and I was so surprised. Why wasn't I a fan of her before? Why wasn't obsessed with her? Oh, right. Because I was a Swiftie at the time. To be honest, I loved Taylor Swift, her humbleness and her music, and I was a fan of her too. But since I f…

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  • MoonBocaBaeLight

    New discoverys

    February 19, 2017 by MoonBocaBaeLight

    Since this is my first blog let me introduce myself. Lets call me Marsol since my name sorta resembles that.. long sotry. Ok ANYWAYS I was part of the Ariana army, tiny elaphent squad . . whatever you want to call it. To be eczact 7 years and a half. ( A long time) But this website let me in on a little more than what I thought I knew! Like a collab her and Big Sean did on HIS allbum not hers. I did and didn't know this one which is Unreleased songs. So I knew Voodo love, Pink Champaing, Lavender Envelopes, Aint afraid of Love, Sugar Coated Yeti,( Some weren't listed on this website sadly) etc but I didn't know songs like ridiculous and La vi en Rose. Amazing. I also didnt know Ariana was a little bit Tunisian Or Morracon? Can someone tell…

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  • Ariana Rexha

    Almost 1 year later since the release of her lead single, I am going to rank all the tracks, please let me know if you agree or some of your favourites! Thanks!

    17. Everyday - Honestly this is the only song by Ariana I don't like, I think Future's rap doesn't sound well with Ariana and the chorus is very repetitive, the verses are also very short. However, I like the very end though  2/10

    16. Dangerous Woman - Now this is the hard part, I think Moonlight would be much better as the name of the album, however this song is cute and I love the little guitar solo, I just don't think it was good to pick as a lead single 3.5/10

    15. Step On Up - This sounds a lot like Focus which honestly is one of my favourite songs by her even though it isn't on t…

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  • Lucas Millonario

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  • NestorCastH123

    DW singles

    January 21, 2017 by NestorCastH123

    This post is commented with your oppinion about Dangerous Woman singles!

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  • ScandalousFries

    The title explains it all ;)

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  • Dancer168

    More to come

    • The Listening Sessions
    • The Honeymoon Tour

    • MTV Music Awards 2013 
    • Worldwide Day of Play 2013
    • The Honeymoon Tour
    • The Listening Sessions 

    • POWER 106  (Acoustic)
    • Capital XTRA (Acoustic)
    • The Listening Sessions 
    • Wango Tango 2014 
    • New Year's Eve 2014
    • Unkown Place 
    • Born Free Africa 2014
    • Jimmy Kimmel
    • SBTV 
    • The Honeymoon Tour

    • iHeartRadio Theater LA
    • AMAs 2013
    • The Honeymoon Tour
    • The Today Show
    • The Listening Sessions 
    • White House

    • The Listening Sessions 
    • New Albany Classic
    • Unkown Place

    • Jimmy Kimmel
    • New Albany Classic
    • The Listening Sessions
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  • Dancer168

    Fanmade. Dangerous Woman - The Gold Edition 

    1.  Moonlight
    2. Dangerous Woman
    3. Be Alright
    4. Into You
    5. Side To Side (Ft. Nicki Minaj)
    6. Let Me Love You (Ft. Lil Wayne)
    7. Greedy
    8. Leave Me Lonely (Ft. Macy Gray)
    9. Everyday (Ft. Future)
    10. Bad Decisions
    11. Thinking Bout You

    1. Sober , Closer
    2. Night's Queen (Ft. Bia)
    3. My Way
    4. Old Friend (Ft. Mac Miller)
    5. Her Own
    6. Beautiful Soul
    7. Gold

    CD 1

    1.  Moonlight
    2. Dangerous Woman
    3. Be Alright
    4. Into You
    5. Side To Side (Ft. Nicki Minaj)
    6. Let Me Love You (Ft. Lil Wayne)
    7. Greedy
    8. Leave Me Lonely (Ft. Macy Gray)
    9. Everyday (Ft. Future)
    10. Sometimes
    11. I Don't Care
    12. Bad Decisions
    13. Touch It
    14. Knew Better / Forever Boy
    15. Thinking Bout You

    1. Sober , Closer
    2. Night's Queen (Ft. Bia)
    3. My Way
    4. Old Friend (Ft. Mac Miller)
    5. Her Own
    6. Beautiful Soul
    7. Hear Me Now
    8. Drop It Low
    9. May Be Handsome
    10. Gold

    1.  Moonlight
    2. Dangerous Woman
    3. Be Alright
    4. I…

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  • DArianators233


    September 27, 2016 by DArianators233

    Hi everyone! I'm JDANCER2004 if you didn't know me and i'm a big Ari fan! I've been on the wiki for a while now but i haven't been on since ages. This is just a welcome me blogpost and a way to tell everyone about me! Check out my page for more! If you want to know more about me or have any questions, just ask me on my message wall by the link back there!

    Thanks, JDANCER2004

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  • Meatgrind89

    List of created templates

    September 25, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are my created and modified templates which we used in the wiki.

    • Ariana Grande Sales
      • Template:CountrySalesTop
      • Template:CountrySalesEntry
      • Template:CountrySalesBottom
    • Chart Performances
      • Template:WeekPositionTop
      • Template:WeekPositionEntry
      • Template:WeekPositionBottom
    • Songs and Albums
      • Template:AlbumSong
      • Template:AlbumSingle
      • Template:Date
    • People
      • Template:Person
      • Template:Age
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  • Meatgrind89

    Ariana's Live Performances

    September 13, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are the list of Ariana's live performances whether it's on a TV show or on a tour. I'll try to updated this blog as soon as I can. I 'll add her previous performances later.

    Date Show/Event Songs Performed Ref.
    Saturday Night Live Dangerous Woman
    Be Alright

    2016 MTV Movie Awards Dangerous Woman

    TIME 100 Gala Dangerous Woman
    Leave Me Lonely

    2016 Radio Disney Music Awards Dangerous Woman

    2016 Billboard Music Awards Dangerous Woman
    Into You

    The Voice Dangerous Woman
    Into You

    2016 Capital FM Summertime Ball Bang Bang
    One Last Time
    Into You
    Break Free
    Dangerous Woman

    2016 MTV Video Music Awards Side To Side

    Ellen Into You
    Side To Side

    2016 iHeart Radio Festival

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  • Dancer168

    Ariana at Billboard

    September 11, 2016 by Dancer168

    Song Peak Note
    The Way 9e First Ariana song to be at BB100
    Baby I 21

    Right There 84

    Almost Is Never Enough 82 Promotional Single
    Popular Song 87

    Last Christmas 96 No video
    Problem  2

    Highest peak. Biggest debut  # 3

    Break Free 4

    Bang Bang 3

    Best Mistake 49 Promotional Single. No Video
    Love Me Harder 7

    Santa Tell Me 83

    One Last Time 13

    Focus 7

    Dangerous Woman 8

    Be Alright 42 Promotional Single. No video
    Let Me Love You 99 Promotional Single
    Into You  13

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  • Dancer168

    Ariana TOP 7

    September 11, 2016 by Dancer168

    Just share some of my opinion :)

    1. Into You
    2. One Last Time
    3. Love Me Harder
    4. Dangerous Woman
    5. Right There
    6. Side To Side
    7. The Way

    1. Into You
    2. One Last Time
    3. Popular Song
    4. Side To Side
    5. Bang Bang
    6. Love Me Harder
    7. Break Free

    1. All My Love
    2. Get On Your Kness
    3. E Piu Ti Penso
    4. Boys Like You
    5. Better Days
    6. My Favourite Part
    7. Adore

    1. Don't Be Gone Too Long (Solo)
    2. Boyfriend Material
    3. Nobody Does It Better
    4. Higher
    5. You're My Only Shawty
    6. Pink Champagne
    7. Voodoo Love

    1. Tattoed Heart
    2. Honeymoon Avenue
    3. Piano
    4. Right There
    5. Better Left Unsaid
    6. The Way
    7. Baby I

    1. Best Mistake
    2. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart
    3. My Everything
    4. One Last Time
    5. Love Me Harder
    6. Why Try
    7. Bang Bang

    1. Moonlight
    2. Thinking Bout You
    3. Into You
    4. Dangerous Woman
    5. Touch it
    6. Leave Me Lonely
    7. Sometimes
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  • Arifocusonme

    Dangerous Woman Poll

    September 7, 2016 by Arifocusonme

    updated soon

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  • Stanley56

    So, as you may know, Ariana Grande has got songs in the dance video game - Just Dance. I'm going to show you their gameplays, and let me know what you think. Thanks! Some videos may be pitched due to copyrights. Warning:The Problem gameplay has a lot of flashing.

    (I uploaded both the preview and the full gameplay, because the latter may be removed because the game hasn't released yet).

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  • Divine618

    German Wikia

    August 27, 2016 by Divine618

    Hi Ariantors! We currently have the Ariana Grande Wiki in English, Spanish, and Italian.

    ToulouseCloud is currently trying to create the wiki in German. If there are an users who speak German and would like to help, please let Toulouse or myself know or leave a comment on this post, thank you.

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  • Meklordsa5m

    Like the title suggets, does anyone else have any hopes or wishes for Ariana's fourth studio album? 

    For me personally:

    - I want a breath-taking ballad.

    - Less production, and more room for her vocals.

    - Just like Dangerous Woman, I want Ariana to write more. The lyrics are always better when they're more personal.

    - I want more cohesion - a consistent dark R&B and deep house sound.

    What does everyone else think?

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  • Arifocusonme

    Red Hot

    July 20, 2016 by Arifocusonme

    I had an idea for an Ariana song called 'Red Hot' maybe the pre chrous would be like:

    I'm not a dumb girl

    I got a place in this world

    You say I'm sexy



    Baby callin' me red hot

    Is an understatement

    Red hot is an under statement

    Callin' me red hot is an understatement

    So boy, adress me right

    Maybe people can add on in the comments? It could be a title track

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  • Dancer168
    • My Everything is the most streamed album by a female artist on spotify
    • Second most streamed female artist in spotify (#1 Rihanna)
    • Second Woman to have 3 songs on Top 5 at the same time on Billboard 100 (Adele)
    • Third most followed artist on Instagram (Selena and Taylor)
    • Only female artist to have her first three album on #1 worldwide
    • Most vevo channel subcribed by a ex-actress
    • Only ex-actress to have more than a billion streams on Spotify
    • As July , Ariana along with Meghan T. and Rihanna are the only singers to have more than a Vevo certified video
    1. 1 female artist on Billboard 50 Social for more than a month
    • 34 Million Singles and Albums sold worldwide
    • Named 'New Pop Princess'
    • Problem is at #10 on the best selling single by singers under 25 years old
    • F…
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  • Arifocusonme


    June 7, 2016 by Arifocusonme

    What Ariana collab is your favorite? What one do you want to see in the future?

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  • Butera17

    Hi everyone!  This is a bit of an imformal blog posting where I will rank all of the songs off of Dangerous Woman (including the bonus and deluxe tracks).  Keep in mind that this is all opinion and many of my choices are very likely to differ from the majority of you.  I am proud Arianator since 2014 who honestly thinks every one Ariana's tracks off her third album shows signs of brillance and originality.  I actually got into music a lot more because of Ariana Grande over the past couple of years - I really believe that she has a certain unique sound to her voice and her music always seems fresh and willing to take risks.  Ariana's songs really feel evolutionary in pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for multiple genres.

    With …

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  • Azending

    Hey guys, so I've changed the background and the navigation. Do you like the old one the new one? Thanks!

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello Arianators! To celebrate the release of Dangerous Woman, we wanted to bring you some Musical Madness! You have until June 20th to vote for your Ariana Grande favorites! Thank you to Ariana Grande community members User:Divine618 and User:ArianaFan14 for your help!

    UPDATE: The winners have been announced. Thank you for all of your votes!


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  • Meatgrind89

    The twitter account of Ariana Grande Wikia should be updated everyday and also the admin is.

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    I dont know about you but I have been waiting over a YEAR for this album and there is only 4 more short days before it is released. #4DaysTillDangerousWoman 

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  • Butera17

    With all the anticipation of Ariana Grande's third album, Dangerous Woman, many will soon enjoy new songs that we'll be putting on repeat for months to come.  It is also a reasonable time to reflect on some of Ariana's past work that really laid a foundation for her presence as a A-list artist.

    Several would agree that the year of 2014 marked a considerable milestone in Ariana's music career.  From the breakthrough 90s pop inspired sound of "Problem" to the EDM summer jam of "Break Free", fans got to experience a plethora of different music genres Ariana willingly brought to the table. Her sophomore album, My Everything, was a huge commercial success, landing her a second No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 and thereafter spawning five singles.


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  • Meatgrind89

    To admins

    April 17, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    I have a question: Is it okay to recycle not used templates, categories, pages/articles? Is there something weird would happen?

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  • SibunaSeason34

    Guys! I'm gonna be fast and clear. Please vote for Ariana Grande's new song "Dangerous Woman" in this page!

    It is really important to get it to first place - adds HUGE air time - bigger chance for the song to return to BB's Hot 100 Top 10! Thank you guys so much! Remember to vote! Today is our last chance!

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  • Butera17

    I thought this would be a relatively interesting topic to discuss that could benefit all users on this site.  At the outset, this may seem a little pedantic, but I'm just going to throw the idea out there.

    On multiple pages on the wikia, among the plethora of edits from various users, whenever a specific date is mentioned (i.e. when Ariana released a song, performed something live, date that she released an important tweet), I've noticed that users will either type the date in the following formats:

    [I will use a random date to illustrate a point]

    • March 16, 2016
    • March 16 2016
    • Mar. 16, 2016
    • March 16th
    • etc.

    I would kindly suggest that whenever one makes an edit to a page, please use the first format when referencing a date that I've highlighted in bol…

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  • Meatgrind89

    My list of sources

    April 3, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are the sites I know to keep always updated with Ariana Grande, feel free to use my sources.

    Official Website: Ariana Grande

    Facebook: Ariana Grande

    Instagram: Ariana Grande

    Twitter: Ariana Grande

    Youtube: ArianaGrandeVevo, Ariana Grande' (former Osnapitzari), Honeymoon Diaries

    AllMusic: Ariana Grande

    Discogs: Ariana Grande

    Genius: Ariana Grande Ariana Grande

    Social Blade: ArianaGrandeVevo

    Wikipedia: Ariana Grande @arianagrande (App: iTunes , Google Play )

    Snapchat: moonlightbae (App: iTunes, Google Play )

    Vevo Views: Ariana Grande (App: iTunes, Google Play)

    Ariana Grande Sales: (See Ariana Grande Sales)

    Ariana Grande Fan Base:

    Spotify Total Streams: Ariana Grande (See Spotify Streams)

    Twitter Fan Accounts (on…

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  • Prof. Chester

    You heard it Arianators, Ariana Grande just released a Visual 1 for Dangerous Woman 4 hours ago!(as the time I'm writing this) 

    Here is the link :D =

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  • Ariana Rexha

    Listen to "Get On Your Knees" how amazing is the collab. I hope that she has a Nicki collab on Dangerous Woman, who thinks she does.

    I also LOVE Nicki Minaj, especially The Re Up and The PinkPrint. My favourite songs by Nicki Minaj are "Va Va Voom", "Truffle Butter", "The Crying Game" "Only" and "Anaconda"

    Anyone else who likes Nicki Minaj here, any comments about a collab and your favourite songs by her?

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  • Azending

    New Design

    March 11, 2016 by Azending

    HI GUYS!

    To celebrate Dangerous Woman I redesigned the whole wiki. I added two new typefaces (Playefair Display & Open Sans) that anyone can use! What do you guys think?

    Thanks x

    --Azending (talk) 13:12, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Alicia502

    Ariana Grande Butera

    March 4, 2016 by Alicia502
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  • AriNSel1311

    Ariana Grande Gifs

    March 2, 2016 by AriNSel1311

    Here a bunch of Ariana Grande gifs

    Share Gif: Gif: Gif: Gif: Gif: Gif: Gif: Share Gif: Gif: Gif: Gif:…

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  • KittyPryde99


    February 26, 2016 by KittyPryde99

    Ariana slays AF

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  • Habibti.ariana

    Arianator Chat

    February 20, 2016 by Habibti.ariana

    Who: Arianators

    When: February 28th 2 pm EST

    Where: On this website!

    Why: To get to know other Arianators

    How: I'll start a chat! 

    See you then and hope you join! It'll be fun! Comment if you'll be there :)

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  • Dancer168

    Hey guys! Before reading , you should know that my English sucks cause' it isn't my main lenguaje.

    Ok , let's start with the album name. Moonlight. Seems like Ariana love that word (she also said it on Tattoed Heart) ,but recently , she said she is thinking about changing the name of it. I heard rumors about it could be Loaded and gun or something like that. Actually i think album name is Babydoll , i would love it!

    Next , the release date. On junary ariana said on her snapchat she has done the next album (She called #3 , so maybe a hint that the name won't be Moonlight). I think Ariana will released the album on march. , and also i think Ari will give us more information of the album after Grammys! Even i hope she release the next single (That …

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  • Divine618

    Moonlight is done!!!

    January 22, 2016 by Divine618

    Ariana just confirmed on Snapchat that she is finished with her third album Moonlight!

    How do you guys feel? I'm personally super excited!

    When do you think it will be released?

    Confirmation: &

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  • Elviralavender

    Hi :)

    My name is Elvira, I'm 15 and I love drawing. 

    I have been drawing realistic portraits of Ariana in 1 and a half years. 

     This is my newest drawing

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  • TattooedButera


    December 4, 2015 by TattooedButera

    hey guyssss

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  • Lovethisandthat

    Hi , I'm new here I joined a few days ago. Ariana is my everything! I've been a big fan since 2011! I absolutely adore her and am so happy to be a part of this. I originally wanted to create A Ariana Grande Wiki but i'd rather be part of a well-known wikia. I have made several wikias , but even though this is my favourite. Its nice to meet you! Please no hate xx

    ( Seriously no hate i have already had 1 ) :(

    Follow me on :

    Instagram : @arianatorette

    Fahlo : @arianatorette

    Twitter : @itsbubslove ( deleted though )

    - Love This 09:04, November 17, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Mila grande

    It was just the perrrect day....

    It started like any other normal day, but i know it's not. This day I was going to Ariana Grande's Honeymoontour!!!            I was so exited, First we drived in the car to the train station and we get a train to Antwerp, the intire ride i was so exited i couldn't wait to see her! We first went to the hotel and when we went to get something to eat, it was already 5 pm so went just as fast to MacDonald. So we had something to eat, we went quickly by subway to the Sports Palace because the concert would take place there. It was moved from the Arena to the Sports Palace because it would not fit in the Antwerp Arena. We were not too early to queue and we were able to quickly walked in retrospect the line was no…

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