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Charles "Scootie" Anderson is a North American rapper and musician from Pennsylvania, United States.[2] He is part of the band Social House.


Scootie is part of the Everything Changed... singing duo Social House with Michael "Mikey" Foster who have become recent frquent collaborators with Ariana Grande and close friends with Grande. Ariana claims to have met Scootie and Mikey when she was crying from doing promotion.[3]

Friendship with Ariana[]

Their friendship was largely made aware of to the public when Zach Sang's 'thank u, next' interview with Ariana, Social House and Victoria Monét was aired and uploaded to YouTube. 6 months later, Social House collaborated with Ariana Grande in the single "Boyfriend", which cemented him as a close friend.[4]


List of Ariana Grande songs that Anderson worked for:

Dangerous Woman (2015 - 2016)[]

Sweetener (2016 - 2018)[]

Thank U, Next (2018 - 2019)[]

Positions (2019 - 2020)[]