Charlotte is one of the roles in the Broadway musical play 13: The Musical. She was originally played by Ariana Grande.

Biography Edit

Charlotte is one of the popular cheerleaders at the school Evan attends, along with Molly and Cassie. She appears to be friends with Lucy Dunn.

Personality Edit

She is the typical girl – likes to text and hang out with friends. She is very gullible and believe anything anyone tells her.

Relationships with other characters Edit


Charlotte and Molly are both cheerleaders and they appear to be friends.


Charlotte and Cassie are both cheerleaders and they appear to be friends. They were the only ones that had solos in "Brand New You".

Lucy DunnEdit

Charlotte and Lucy appear to be friends and they both sang in "It Can't Be True".



  • Charlotte is the third least major role (the smallest role is Molly and the second smallest is Cassie).
  • Charlotte is Ariana Grande's first Broadway role.
  • In the songs, Charlotte has all the highest harmonies.


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