"Childhood" is an interlude for and used in Ariana Grande's Sweetener World Tour.[1] It is a home video of Grande re-enacting a clip from the 2003 film Bruce Almighty.

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In the home video, Grande recites her idol Jim Carrey's lines in a prevalent scene from the movie:

First off, I want to add another congratulations to Evan Baxter. It's good to see what someone with real talent can accomplish when great opportunities are given to him instead of me. Anyway, I'm here, I believe with Katherine Hepburn's mom. Tell me, why did you toss the blue "heart of the ocean" jewel over the railing of Titanic? Did you feel guilty at all letting Leonardo Decaprio freeze, while you were safe floating on the big door? Do you think he would have survived if you had taken turns, or were you too afraid to freeze your big fat ass off?

Well, I guess that's the way life works, isn't it? Some people are drenched, freezing to death, on a stupid boat, with a stupid umbrella... Now, let's speak to the owner. Come on in here Bill. Bill, you've been running the Maid of the Mist for 23 years. Tell me, why do you think I didn't get the anchor job? Is it my hair? Are my teeth not white enough? Or, like the great falls, is the very bedrock of my Life eroding beneath me? Eroding, eroding, eroding! I'm Bruce Nolan for Eyewitness News. Back to you, (inaudible)!

– Grande reciting Carrey's lines[2]

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