Christmas & Chill is Ariana Grande's second Christmas EP. It was released through Republic Records on December 18, 2015, and re-released exclusively in Japan on November 18, 2016.

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On December 7, 2015, Grande released several snippets of new songs (most notably "True Love") on her Snapchat.[1] The last snippet was captioned with: "👀❄️" indicating it was Christmas music. On the same day, Grande posted lyrics on her Twitter.[2][3][4]. She liked a tweet by a fan asking if "True Love" was coming out soon. Grande had previously tweeted that from then on if she said something was coming "soon," it would be released within ten days. Grande tweeted that fans would be getting more than one song which meant the possibility of an EP.[5]

On December 16, 2015, Grande said that she would release the EP "tomorrow", however it was released officially on iTunes two days later.[6] She also tweeted about it.[7]

In 2016, Grande released Alex Ghenea remix of "Into You" and it was added onto the 2016 re-release of the EP, which is available physically in Japan.

Trivia Edit

  • The first song recorded was "December".
  • The longest track on Christmas & Chill is "True Love" with a length of 2:46 minutes.
  • Grande performed the songs on this EP during the 2016 Z100 Jingle Ball. This was her first time performing these songs.
  • Grande replaced a Yours Truly medley on her Sweetener World Tour into a Christmas medley, performing the songs "December", "True Love", "Wit It This Christmas", "Santa Tell Me", and "Winter Things".
    • After performing these songs, Christmas & Chill regained popularity online and entered the Top 10 on iTunes, making it her third project to do so in 2019.[8]

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Standard Edition
1."Intro"Ariana Grande, Victoria McCants, Tommy Brown, Travis Sayles, Steven Franks, Michael Foster, Ryan TedderMr. Franks, Magi, Sayles, Brown1:05
2."Wit It This Christmas"Grande, McCants, Brown, Sayles, Foster, Tedder, Peter Lee JohnsonMr. Franks, Magi, Sayles, Brown2:41
3."December"Grande, McCants, Brown, Sayles, Franks, Foster, TedderMr. Franks, Magi, Sayles, Brown1:56
4."Not Just On Christmas"Grande, McCants, Brown, Sayles, Franks, JohnsonSayles, Brown2:02
5."True Love"Grande, McCants, Brown, Sayles, Franks, Foster, Tedder, JohnsonMr. Franks, Magi, Sayles, Brown2:46
6."Winter Things"Grande, McCants, Brown, Sayles, Franks, JohnsonSayles, Brown2:39
Total length:13:09
Re-release Japanese CD (bonus track)[9]
7."Into You" (Alex Ghenea Remix)Grande, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Ilya SalmanzadehIlya, Martin, Alex Ghenea3:38
Total length:16:47

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Christmas & Chill
December 18, 2015 • 13:09 • Republic Records
DecemberInto YouIntroNot Just On ChristmasTrue LoveWinter ThingsWit It This Christmas
Ariana GrandeMac Miller
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