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Dalton Jacob Gomez (born August 7, 1995) is an American luxury real estate agent. He is Ariana Grande's husband, who married her on May 15, 2021.[2] Dalton was born and raised in Southern California and is a five-year veteran of the Luxury Real Estate Market.[3]

Early Life

As a child, he lived with his family in the east of Los Angeles in the county of San Bernardino. He has an older brother named Dakota Gomez[4] and a younger sister named Tori Gomez.[5] His brother is a tattoo artist. Ariana follows both Dakota and Tori on Instagram.

Relationship with Ariana

Grande & Gomez seen kissing at a bar

In February 2020, Grande and Gomez were seen kissing at a bar in Northridge, Los Angeles.[6] In March 2020, it was reported that they had been dating for two months.[7] In May 2020, Grande confirmed the relationship in the music video for "Stuck With U."[8] On December 20, 2020, Grande announced that she and Gomez were engaged.[9] Gomez personally designed the engagement ring to pay tribute to Grande's grandfather. [10] Grande and Gomez's wedding took place in a private ceremony on May 15, 2021.[11]


  • He was featured in the music video for "Stuck With U."
  • Ariana and Dalton have matching tattoos "loml." The acronym stands for "love of my life."
  • He was featured in a promotional video for "Rain On Me."
  • He works for the Aaron Kirman Group, a Real estate agency in Beverly Hills, California.
  • He came up with the concept of the music video for Ariana's single, "Positions".
  • He has an Instagram, but his account is private.[12]
  • He studied at Citrus Valley High School, Redlands.[13]
  • All of his tattoos are made by his brother.[14]
  • He has two siblings, Tori & Dakota.
  • He has been married to Ariana Grande for a year.



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