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Dangerous Ariana is a character and summonable unit from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is based on Ariana Grande's alter-ego, Dangerous Woman, and is featured in the collaboration event involving Grande, the Dangerous Woman Tour Event.



Dangerous Ariana's appearance is based on the pop singer Ariana Grande. She has fair skin and long, blonde straight hair tied in a ponytail. She wears a black bunny mask that covers half of her head, and a fitting black dress with a heart-shaped bust with surround-frills on the waist topping the mid-length skirt. She wears a pair of black evening gloves, a pantyhose (or net socks) and black high heels.

At Rank 5, Ariana gains a purplish aura under her feet. At Rank 6, she also gains some heart "sparks".

While casting an offensive spell, she points her spell fiercely. For supportive spells she extends her arms with one leg bent up. When she is performing a song ability, she plays an air guitar.

Her victory pose is her flipping her hair back, followed by eye batting. She ends with a bow with one hand on her hip and the other hand blowing a kiss.


Dangerous Ariana is said to be a loving and peaceful person in her world. Her passion for music enables her to create and share music that the world can enjoy. She works diligently on her vocals and on becoming a successful singer.


  • Ariana announced that she will be featured on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on January 1, 2017.[1]
    • Also, she posted a little peek of the character on Instagram.[2]