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That was the end of that. I didn’t think about it in any depth at all [...] So you could have knocked me down with a feather when I was contacted [by Grande’s team] and asked, ‘Can we use this please?’” [...] I didn’t know the album was coming out. They contacted my son. I didn’t know anything about it because he was on the admin. We haven’t been doing it for a few years, and he just saw it as some kind of scam. He didn’t even answer them [...] But they persisted, and they were simply saying, ‘Could we negotiate a buyout of this particular clip in this particular video?’”

–Garland speaking on Grande, "Saturn Returns", and Eternal Sunshine [1]

Diana Garland is a retired Scottish YouTube astrologist known for her monthly horoscope and motivational content.[2] Garland has a spoken word sample on "Saturn Returns" from Eternal Sunshine, but isn't credited as an artist.[3]




Eternal Sunshine
March 8, 2024 • 35:26 • Republic Records
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