Edward Butera is Ariana Grande's dad and Joan Grande's former husband. He is the owner/founder of Ibi Designs, Inc. He is very proud of his daughter and often tweets about her on his Twitter page, @CaptainEddieB.

Relationship with Ariana

  • Ariana shows that she loves her dad very much.
  • Ariana gave her dad a signed picture that says I love you six times.[2]
  • Edward has a shirt with Ariana's name embroidered on it.[3]
  • He came to see Ariana perform in A Snow White Christmas.[4]
  • Ariana has a lot of family on Edward's side of the family.</ref>Butera side of family</ref>
  • Ariana tweeted about him a few times. [5]
  • When Ariana's Girls' Life magazine came out, Edward bought a copy.[6]
  • Edward tweeted a picture of him and Ariana along with greeting her a happy birthday.[7]
  • They made a painting of a shell together once.[8]
  • Edward tweeted a picture of a papier mache bowl they made together when Ariana was 5 years old.[9]
  • He wants to teach her how to fish.</ref>"Can't wait to show Ariana how to catch one"</ref>
  • When Yours Truly came out, Edward bought two copies.[10]
  • On Father's Day 2014, Ariana tweeted "happy Father's Day to all the incredible fathers out there... thinking of you today daddy. love u." [11]


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