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Elizabeth Egan "Liz" Gillies is Ariana Grande's best friend. Liz is well-known for portraying Jade West on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off Sam and Cat in a two-part special, along with Ariana Grande, who portrayed as Cat Valentine. They also worked together in 13: The Musical on Broadway together as well as 5 other unknown jobs.

Ariana and Liz have been best friends since Broadway and they often hang out both onscreen and offscreen. The real life friendship of Ariana and Liz is often called "Eliana" (Eli/zabeth and Ari/ana) by fans.

Relationship with Ariana[]

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 6.13

Ariana and Liz hanging out together.

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Ariana and Liz at the Women's March.

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Ariana with Liz, and friends.

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Ariana and Liz at Saturday Night Live!

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Liz and Ari in Victorious.

  • When Ariana and Liz were both 15 years old they both starred in the hit Broadway musical 13. They were two out of only three cast members who were not recast. During this time, they shared a dressing room. They acted silly and stupid together and were referred to by the director as, "the kids."
  • They sang a song together for Victorious called "Give It Up".
  • Both girls love the musical Next To Normal and made a video of themselves singing along and watching a tape of it.
  • On many Ustreams, Ariana does her impression of Liz's performance during the number "Getting Ready" in 13 (the musical in which they both starred).
  • On a livestream Ariana & Liz sang "Super Bass" duet, "Give It Up" (Victorious) & "Five Fingaz To The Face" (Victorious) together.
    • In the same livestream they prank called Avan Jogia (their co-star on Victorious), but he didn't buy it, so it's likely the girls have done this several times before.
  • In an interview with Popstar!, Ariana and Liz tell us what they would do if they won the lottery. Ariana says "I would get myself a little house. No.. No... We (Liz) get our own little house, together. So that we'd have another house in another place." And Liz agrees, implying that they would want to live in the same house together.[1]
  • Both girls likes to sing a lot and are always singing small tunes all throughout their live chats.
  • Liz once said in a livestream that Ariana doesn't giggle like Cat Valentine or sound like her when she talks and Ariana agrees.
  • It is shown in Matt Bennett's July 2012 video that they were hanging out together on set.
  • On yfrog, Liz posted a picture of Ariana sleeping and says "This is what I woke up next to," and they slept next to each other, but on separate little mattresses on the floor.
  • They have a lot of sleepovers together.
  • They were seen getting frozen yogurt together.
  • Neither of them have eaten catfish before.
  • Rumor has it that Liz bought Ariana's "Put Your Hearts Up" song off iTunes instead of just getting it from Ariana herself.
  • They were spotted getting their driving license permits together, they also both tweeted about it later.
  • Liz performed for Ariana and helped her cut her cake at Ariana's 18th birthday party.
  • They went as each other's Victorious characters for Halloween. Ariana as Jade and Liz as Cat.
  • Ariana tweeted "Happy birthday to one of my best friends on the planet. I love and adore you, @LizGillies. We're legal. Weird. Let's <3".
  • In an interview with Popstar, Liz said that she'd never gone shopping with anyone in the cast but that she'd like to with Ariana sometime in the future.
  • According to a video Ariana made Liz eat her first blackberry (not the phone, the berry), but she didn't seem to like it.[2]
  • Ariana tweeted "@DaniellaMonet @LizGillies Miss you girls! Let's go hiking. Now. :)" & Liz replied to this tweet with "@ArianaGrande @daniellamonet YES".
  • When interviewed on GOOM Radio, Liz said that she and Ariana are such good friends because they are so different.
  • Ariana called Liz 'Lizzykins' in a tweet.
  • In an Interview at KCAs 2012, they both talk about the Hunger Games together and said that they would watch the film together.[3]
  • Liz was excited to see Ariana at the Emmy's, she was the first person Liz hugged upon arriving.
  • A mutual friend, Ariana's choreographer, Isaac Calpito tweeted "In the car with @ArianaGrande and @LizGillies as they sing every word to a Nicki Minaj song. #priceless".
  • Ariana tweeted "@LizGillies best friends who trend together, stay together... hehehe! Love you. :]"
  • Ariana made Liz's YouTube account.
  • Liz gave Ariana a necklace for Christmas and she wore it without taking it off for months.
  • Ariana and Liz covered a Christmas song titled "Chestnuts".[4]
  • Along with Matt Bennett (Co-star on Victorious as Robbie), Liz and Ariana made a YouTube Channel called WeAreStoopKid.[5]
  • They joke a lot with each other and neither seems to mind it. Like Ariana tweeted "Laying in the sun w @Lizgillies and her beautiful pale skin is sparkling like a Cullens... I now have confirmation that Liz is a vampire."
  • Ariana and Liz had a sleepover for 5 days straight because Liz's mom was out of town. They had a live chat on their first night. They also had a live chat with Ariana's brother Frankie on June 17.
  • During the 2012 KCA's, they were seen sitting next to each other.
    • Also at the 2012 KCA's, at behind the scenes, they can be seen whispering to each other constantly.
  • They were seen shouting/singing something together during Katy Perry's performance at the Kids Choice Awards 2012.[6] They were also seen leaving the Kids Choice Awards 2012 together. [7]
  • In an interview with Tiger Beat magazine Liz said that she lived with Ariana and that sometimes she had to wake up Ariana because Ariana likes to sleep in and Liz is an early riser. She also said they were like sisters.
  • Ariana and Liz made an exclusive StoopKid video where they answered questions they wrote on a plane and put in a bowl.[8]
  • Ariana says that she and Liz are "happily married". [9]
Lizgillz ig post 3-8-22

Liz and Ariana hanging out

  • Liz makes a cameo appearance in the music video for Ariana's song "Right There". They are shown putting on makeup and getting ready together.
  • Liz has referred Ariana as "the love of her life".
  • On Ariana's EP, Christmas Kisses, Liz is featured on the song "Santa Baby".
  • They are neighbors, as confirmed by Ariana with an interview with Bliss.[10]
  • Liz accompanied Ariana, Frankie and Joan Grande to Palm Springs White Party.
  • Ariana said that she was very proud of Liz for her new movie "Killing Daddy".
  • When Ariana's hosting and performance in Saturday Night Live ended, Liz tweeted calling Ariana "dingus"[11] and Ariana quoted her tweet and she tweeted "I love you, pringus."[12]
  • They were the subject of a media frenzy when they posted a scandalous Instagram video of them kissing on the lips. While they were only joking around, many websites and magazines jumped at the opportunity to say it was something more.
  • Ariana can imitate Elizabeth's voice.[13]
  • Ariana and Liz went to the Women's March together.[14]
  • They covered "Rats" together with Matt Bennett.[15]
  • Liz appeared in the music video for Ariana's song "Thank U, Next". She posted a photo on Instagram on set of the video with a caption quoting the film Mean Girls which is one of the films that inspired the video. [16]
  • Ariana and Liz performed "Give It Up" on the Sweetener World Tour on November 19, 2019, on Atlanta.[3]
  • During their time in the Victorious, they would constantly bless fans with selfies, YouTube videos and live streams.[17]
  • Liz was the voice of a rat for Grande's The Boy Is Mine music video.



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