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Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. It was founded in 1945. Ariana Grande did an interview with the magazine in August 2013 and was featured in the seventh annual music edition of the magazine in 2014 and was featured on the magazine cover in August 2018.



If something great happens, I celebrate it for about—I’m not even kidding—a minute and a half. Then I start thinking about the next step.

–Ariana Grande on looking forward

I grew up writing songs in my room on GarageBand, and I would make the beats just out of layering my vocals over and over again. Very Imogen Heap-inspired. But when I started working on the album, my label hooked me up with all these incredible producers. It was an easy transition for me because I was open to it. It wasn't 'Oh, I don't want to work with these people. I want to write my own stuff.' It was like, 'This is cool because they're the best in the business, and they know what they're doing. They love the sound that I love, and we can do this together.'

–Ariana Grande on the process of making Yours Truly



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