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Hsiao Ya-chih (born August 24, 1979), professionally known as Elva Hsiao, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter who was born in Taoyuan, Taiwan and raised in Zhongli. Since being signed to a record deal in 1998 after competing in a singing competition, Hsiao had gone on to release fourteen studio albums and has achieved great commercial success within the Chinese pop music industry. Known for her R&B-influenced ballads, the artist's first album, Elva First Album (1999), was considered one of the first to incorporate R&B in the Chinese market. Her most recent album, Naked Truth, was released in 2020.

Hsiao was recognized as one of four of the most popular female singers in the Chinese music scene among her contemporaries. As a result, she has also been brand ambassadors to various brand names such as, Motorola, Sprite, De Beers, Avon, Pantene, and Ford. Hsiao was named one of Taiwan's top earning singers in 2014, with more than US $18 million earned.

Elva ended up buying Ariana Grande's song, "Suitcase", and making it into her own song, Diamond Candy. She also ended up naming her tenth studio album after it. They both use the same instrumental and follow the same vocal patterns.



  • Elva First Album (1999)
  • Red Rose (2000)
  • Tomorrow (2001)
  • Elva First (2001)
  • 4U (2002)
  • Theme Song of Love, Kissing (2002)
  • In Love With Love (2003)
  • 5th Avenue (2003)
  • 1087 (2006)
  • 3 Faced (2008)
  • Diamond Candy (2009)
  • Miss Elva (2010)
  • I'm Ready (2011)
  • Shut Up and Kiss Me (2014)
  • Naked Truth (2020)

Compilation Albums

  • Beautiful Episode (2004)
  • Love Elva... Remix & More (2006)
  • Super Girl (2012)

Live Albums

  • Elva Live in Concert in Hong Kong (2002)
  • Elva 2003 Up2u Taipei Concert (2003)

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