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"Eternally" (stylized in all lowercase) is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande recorded in April of 2022 that was most likely intended for her seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. (Unreleased Icon listen)


On January 20, 2023, the first snippet of the song leaked through a unreleased content website.

This song was first sold in a group buy along with "Sober" on March 28, 2023, but it was later removed from the final prize when people voted it off for the price to be lowered on April 5, 2023. The song was later sold in another group buy alongside Ariana's demo of "Motivation". On September 17, 2023, the song leaked in full.


  • The instrumental sounds very similar to Super Mario 64's "Water Theme/Dire Dire Docks" and "Jolly Roger Bay" themes.
  • The synth used in this song is the Yamaha DX7, which is also used in another unreleased song recorded around the same time, "Only When It Matters".



Late at night,
Can't recall how the days go by
Still seems so light when I close my eyes
No place to be and no track of time
And this crazy ride
You got me seeing how good this can be
I wanna feel it eternally
And no one or nothing can give me this ride

My heart (My heart)
Is beating from me and you tonight
Who would’ve believed it's you and I?
And I never want another lover
And I (And I)
I never been one to decide (Been)
But baby, I choose you every time (I choose)
And I never want another love
Another love


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