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Frankie James Grande (born: Frank James-Michael Grande-Marchione; January 24, 1983) is an Italian-American producer, dancer, director, singer, actor & YouTuber. He's also Joan & Victor's son, Edward's stepson and Ariana & James' older half-brother. They have the same mother, but not the same father. She has tweeted about him several times and he has appeared in some of her YouTube videos. He has also been in some Broadway musicals.

His fans are called "Frankiesteins" and he has weekly "FrankieFriday" and "ToplessTuesdays" videos on YouTube, sometimes a game he invented called "OMGrandeGames" and he also invented the catchphrase "GoGrandeOrGoHome" and "ShineBrightLikeAFrankie" which he now sells merchandise on.


  • Frankie's Italian-American on both sides, like Ariana.
  • Ariana gave him his nickname, Frankie.
  • Frankie is openly gay.[1]
  • Ariana and Frankie made a twist of the song "Suddenly Seymour" from the movie Little Shop of Horrors and called it "Suddenly Frankie" which they have sung together many times such as here.
  • Frankie and Ariana tweet each other often, especially when they are in different places and cannot be together.
  • Frankie was named after his grandfather.
  • Fans wanted Frankie to play Cat Valentine's brother on Victorious.
  • Frankie and Ariana also live together, shown on a tour of Ariana's home.
  • Frank hosts a game on Twitter called "OMGrandeGames" once in a while where he has categories and asks questions. The first person to reply right gets a follow, and Ariana has appeared several times on these games with him.
  • Ariana and Frankie like to go to the restaurant Toast together.
  • Frankie flew in from New York for one day to see Ariana perform at the Three Light Festival in L.A.[2]
  • Ariana was with Frankie on his #OMGrandeGames on November 23, 2012 for the first 15 minutes as the "DJ". [3]
  • Frankie and Ariana danced the "Gangnam Style" dance together. [4]
  • Frankie has some weekly "FrankieFriday" videos where Ariana has some appearances.
  • They watched the Gossip Girl series finale together.[5]
  • In a tweet, Ariana said that she had the "most hilarious brother alive." She also added that she was thankful for his love and support.[6]
  • His father's last name is Marchione.[7]
  • Ariana has been tweeting for Frankie while he is on Big Brother.
  • Frankie's Twitter and Instagram were hacked by a person on twitter named @lordcynical, along with deleting Frankie's Instagram account. Frankie had 2076 photos, 862226 followers, and was following 779 people on Instagram. 
  • Frankie is pescetarian.  
  • Frankie released his debut single on May 18, 2017.[8]  
  • Frankie uploaded a video titled "Ariana Grande Everyday - Bday SoulCycle" on his Youtube account. On the video, you can see Frankie and a group riding on SoulCycles while they dance to "Everyday" and "Side to Side", two of Ariana's singles from Dangerous Woman.[9][10]  
  • Frankie's half-brother is James Marchione.  


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