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"Girl Is Mine" (stylized in all lowercase; commonly known as "That Bitch Is Mine" or "The Girl Is Mine (Playboy)")[1] is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande featuring Njomza that was intended for her sixth studio album, Positions.


On February 10, 2020, Njomza tweeted a line of lyrics from the song and Grande quote tweeted back to her with the next lyrics from the song. A fan made a tweet and asked Ariana if there were any collabs with Njomza, and she responded "we have one, yes. @Njomza :)" on February 29, 2020.

The first snippet leaked on November 8, 2020. The second snippet soon leaked on December 3, 2020.

On December 13, 2020, a medium quality recording of this song appeared on a music website. Many had believed Njomza was responsible of leaking the track, but there were no real confirmations.

The full high quality version of the song leaked on March 27, 2023, during the mass leak. Three days later on March 30, 2023, five demos were found in the pro tools session. The title was also confirmed to be "Girl Is Mine" and not "That Bitch Is Mine" but it's also alternative title that some choose to call it.

The full session leaked on January 22, 2024, alongside various other unreleased sessions.




  • Ariana Grande and Njomza became friends by mutual connections through Mac Miller. Even though Njomza appeared in one of Grande's music video "7 Rings" and co-written some of her songs and unreleased songs, they never ended up releasing a collaboration together.
    • As far as we know, Ariana and Njomza made two songs together, "Girl Is Mine" and "Check In". Both songs likely didn't release due to their friendship ending.
  • The song used to be known as "That Bitch Is Mine" when it leaked without a confirmed title. Fans had assumed it was the real title as it was a repeated line from the chorus of the song.[2] It was later confirmed to be "Girl Is Mine" by insiders and in the Pro Tools files.
    • An alternative title for the song is "The Girl Is Mine (Playboy)", as SoundCloud uploads of the song get copyrighted with that title.
  • The drums for this song were sampled from "One In a Million" by Aaliyah.[3]
    • The drums were later reused again in the album's making for the song "West Side".
  • The song interpolates "Fill Me In" by Craig David.[4]
    • In a way, this song could've been inspired by "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy & Monica, which later became the inspiration for Ariana's version for Eternal Sunshine.


[Intro: Njomza]

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande]
I heard you got time on your hands
You've been messy, makin' double plans
Make sure before you hit send (Yeah)
Might wanna read that again (Yee)
Every time you do this, understand

[Pre-Chorus 1: Ariana Grande]
You're tryna get familiar
With somebody, I knew first
But she already know her worth
Everything you don't deserve
We already know the truth
Send the screenshots and the proof
You don't even have to choose

[Chorus: Ariana Grande & Njomza]
'Cause she, boy, that bitch is mine
(Boy, that bitch is mine, boy, that bitch is mine)
So peace, boy, don't waste our time
Real one on my side

[Verse 2: Njomza]
I know, you know, we know 'bout you
Sorry, we ain't what you're normally used to (Nuh-uh)
Prolly think you could make us enemies, don't you?
Think that she'd pick you over me?
Boy, please

[Pre-Chorus 2: Njomza]
I got some advice, next time you'll think twice
Bad bitch by my side, always down to ride
We won't let this slide, slick thought you'd get by
Before you come 'round mine
Boy, make up your mind

[Chorus: Ariana Grande & Njomza]
'Cause she, boy, that bitch is mine
(Boy, that bitch is mine, boy, that bitch is mine)
So peace, boy, don't waste our time
Real one on my side (That shit's crazy)

[Verse 3: Ariana Grande & Njomza]
Told me hit him after eight o'clock (Forreal?)
Told me you'd pick me up at 5 (Aha)
Let me guess, y'all went to Asanebo
Reservation at the Chateau (That's just crazy)
You should pull up with me instead
That would really fuck with his head (Haha)
He really think that this shit's okay
Won't get away with another thing

[Bridge: Ariana Grande, Njomza & Both]
Ooh-oh, girl, this gon' be some shit (Uh, huh)
Ooh-oh, girl, we'd love to see it
Ooh-oh, won't get away with another thing
Ooh-oh, so, why don't you lay in this bed you made?

[Chorus: Ariana Grande & Njomza]
'Cause she (Hey), boy, that bitch is mine
(Boy, that bitch is mine, boy, that bitch is mine)
So peace, boy, don't waste our time
Real one on my side

[Outro: Ariana Grande]
Yuh, ah-ah-ah
Wow, that's shit's crazy
Ha, you're so tight, I love you



October 30, 2020 • 41:07 • Republic Records
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