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Ariana Grande has worn many hairstyles and explored with her hair over her career and before, here is the list of Grande's hair evolution over the years.

Early Years[]

Before entering the acting and music industry, Ariana wore her hair in its natural black colour and either curly or straight.

2010 - 2013[]

While playing Cat Valentine on the show Victorious and later Sam & Cat, Grande had to dye her hair a bright red color approximately every week. This damaged it severely and destroyed her natural curly hair texture. Ariana only recovered her healthy, natural hair texture in 2020. At the end of 2012, Ariana started to darken her red color, slowly moving on from the bright red.

Late 2013[]

In 2013, Ariana began to wear her hair in a light brown color and a curly half-high ponytail. This style was often accessorized with a headband from time to time, that was also when Grande was wearing a lot of extensions because her hair was so damaged because of the years at Nickelodeon. However, she once wore her hair down for a live performance

2014 - 2015[]

This time was a major transitional phase for Grande's hair journey. In fact, she started to wear a lighter hair color, a light brown with subtle blonde highlights at the ends. She slowly abandoned her former "Yours Truly era" curly ponytail for the iconic one we all know. This specific ponytail style was what characterized Ariana at the time, often paired with the famous cat ears headband. She continued introducing her fanbase by channeling this ponytail for the "Break Free" and "Bang Bang" videos. In "Love Me Harder", Ariana debuted her hair down and in "One Last Time", we saw her iconic ponytail for the second time.

2016 - 2017[]

Ahead of Grande's third album Dangerous Woman, Grande started to wear a straight ponytail and she later cut her bangs, very representative of that period of time. Grande also had ombré hair at some point in 2016. In 2017 when she was on tour, Grande started to wear the space buns hairstyle repeatedly, paired with her bangs and straight hair. She last wore her bangs in the show in Tulsa

Late 2017 - 2018[]

At the end of 2017, Ariana debuted her platinum hair as well as her long, mermaid-like platinum hair down. During most of her appearances with her platinum hair, Grande wore extensions and sometimes wigs to preserve the state of her already damaged hair. Grande wore her iconic long platinum straight ponytail. In the spring of 2018, Grande also wore a lavender wig during a press day out in New York City, a hair color she also wore during her 2018 surprise Coachella performance.

Late 2018[]

After a few months with her platinum hair, Ariana decided to go back to a brunette color and introduce her very famous ponytail she kept up until the Sweetener World Tour. At this point, Grande was only wearing a clip-on ponytail as she started the process to gain back healthy hair. Right before shooting the "Thank U, Next" video, Grande cut her hair to a lob (shoulder length).

2019 - Early 2020[]

With the release of her fifth album and her third world tour, Grande carried on the extra long and straight ponytail she introduced in late 2018. This hairstyle was very convenient for Ariana as she could perform easily with this ponytail while still protecting her natural hair underneath the fake ponytail. During her headlining performance at Coachella 2019, Grande wore a ponytail by the famous wigmaker, WhatWigs.


When lockdown started, Grande quarantined in her L.A home and showcased her natural hair for the first time since 2018. In fact, she finally succeeded to recover her original curly, dark brown hair color and texture. This allowed Ariana to wear far fewer extensions.

2021 - 2022[]

Just like she did in 2020, Grande continued to take care of her hair and she started to wear her signature ponytail in a revamped way. In fact, she adapted the ponytail to her shorter hair length, with a more 60s style. She also wore it with a sleek look, using Alyx Liu's Útiles Beauty brand.

Late 2022 - Early 2024[]

Grande temporarily moved to London, United Kingdom for the shooting of the Wicked Movies in which she will star as Glinda. For the role, Grande dyed her hair blonde on October 21, 2022. She showed her blonde hair via social media and the entire campaign of her Mod perfumes also feature Ariana's blonde hair. Grande also lightened her eyebrows to fit Glinda's physical appearance better. During Spring 2023, she started to experiment with her hairstyles. She tried blonde curly hair, blonde buns, blonde bangs or blonde braids.