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Ariana Grande as Bette Davis (3)

Ariana Grande on Halloween 2017

Over the years, Ariana Grande has publicly celebrated Halloween and has worn a variety of Halloween costumes. Every October, many fans wait for her to unveil her Halloween look, as this holiday is her favorite, Ariana is known to always be very creative and thoughtful about her costume. Since her iconic 2019 Twilight Zone costume and themed-party, many magazines call her the "Queen of Halloween".

Early Costumes[]

For one Halloween when she was a child, Grande dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with her mother, Joan, who dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Dorothy Gale - Wizard of Oz[]


For Halloween in 2011, Grande and her co-star in Victorious, Liz Gillies, switched lives and dressed up as each other for Halloween, with Gillies wearing a high ponytail, and Grande with Gillies' signature dyed hair color.

Cat & Jade - Victorious[]


For Halloween in 2012, Grande was unable to go to a costume store as it had been shut down. Grande instead dressed up like a cat at home.[1]



For Halloween in 2013, Grande wore 3 different costumes. She wore a vampire costume, a cat-vampire costume, and a "modern-day young adult" costume with thigh highs and a cat ear headband.[2]



For Halloween in 2014, Grande went with a more "simplistic" Halloween costume: an angel.



In 2015, Ariana dressed up twice, once at The Ellen Show where she pulled off a Cow costume, and the second time at the iHeartRadio Halloween Concert, where she wore skeleton makeup.

Cow - Ellen Show[]

Skeleton - iHeart Radio Halloween Concert[]


For 2016, Ariana dressed up with her boyfriend, Mac Miller. she wore an Eevee costume, and he wore a Pikachu costume. which caused them to eventually to a fake "murder" where she would "kill" him. Ariana also dressed up as characters from the movie Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson. Ariana also wore a cheetah costume for a party. Finally, Ariana and Mac dressed up as Neo and Trinity in Matrix.

Pikachu & Eevee - Pokemon[]

Suzy Bishop & Sam Shakusky - Moonrise Kingdom[]

Neo & Trinity - Matrix[]



for 2017, Ariana had 2 separate costumes, she dressed up as Katinka Ingabogovinanana, and her boyfriend, Mac Miller dressed up as Jacobim Mogato. both from the movie Zoolander. Ariana also dressed up with her best friend Doug Middlebrook as Betty Davis, with her friend Joan Crawford, inspired by their infamous feud.

Katinka & Jacobim - Zoolander[]

Bette Davis & Joan Crawford - Feud[]


Ariana didn't post her Halloween night costume but she attended and performed at the "A Very Wicked Halloween" TV special and dressed up as Elphaba for the event. She performed The Wizard And I. Ariana also met Idina Menzel that night who originally played Elphaba in the Wicked Musical.

Elphaba - Wicked[]


For her Halloween 2019 costume, Ariana was inspired by episode 6 of the second famous fiction series "The Twilight Zone" called "Eye of the Beholder". On October 31, 2019, she threw a Halloween party and invited many of her friends, including Jennie from Blackpink, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj. Her entire house was decorated in the aesthetic of the series, including a Scary and Not-So-Scary sign right at the front door of her Los Angeles home. Her close friends were also attending the party.

The Twilight Zone[]


For Halloween in 2021, Grande dressed up as Miss Creature from The Black Lagoon and Dalton as the Handsome Scuba Man. For this look, she recreated the monster from the 1954 film "Creature from the Black Lagoon" as her Instagram pictures look like the original movie poster. Ariana also dressed up with her husband, Dalton Gomez as Audrey and Seymour from the Broadway Musical and movie "Little Shop of Horrors". She also dressed up as a pumpkin with platinum wig with her best friend Doug Middlebrook.

Miss Creature & Handsome Scuba Man - The Creature from the Black Lagoon[]

Audrey & Seymour - Little Shops of Horrors[]



For Halloween in 2022, Ariana did a matching look with her best friend, Elizabeth Gillies as Sherri, Christy, Gery and Cookie from the 2000 movie 'Best In Show' which is one of Grande's favorite movies. She also showed a sneak peek of a Glinda inspired eye look as she was on set, rehearsing for the Wicked Movies in London.

Sherri, Christy, Gery & Cookie - Best In Show[]


Glinda - Wicked[]


In 2023, Grande dressed up as Naomi Malone from the 1995 thriller 'Showgirls'. For the second year in a row, she did a matching look with her best friend, Liz Gillies and also posted videos on her social media where they recreate scenes from the movie.

Naomi Malone - Showgirls[]