Harmony David Samuels (born May 16, 1980) is an English record producer, composer, and songwriter. He worked with Ariana Grande on her debut album Yours Truly and her second album My Everything.

Work with Ariana

After releasing "Put Your Hearts Up", Grande decided that bubblegum pop wasn't the type of music she wanted to make. She implied that in order to feel "passionate" about her music, it needed to relate to her maturing personality. She stated, "I'm finally at an age where I can do the music that I grew up loving, which was 90s music."

To change the theme of her album, Ariana enlisted in the help of many new producers and writers, one of which being Harmony. They originally met in January 2013. Harmony said about the meeting, ""I had just finished three songs with Kelly Rowland, and her label (Republic Records) asked me to work with Ariana," he said. "She came to the studio and played me her music. I loved her voice! Then I played her 'The Way', and she jumped up and said she loved the song. She started crying...she said this was the record she'd been searching for."[1] The song was recorded later that month. It was decided that it would be the lead single from her album.

Aside from "The Way", Harmony also produced and co-wrote the songs "Right There", "Piano", "Better Left Unsaid", and "Almost Is Never Enough".

Grande confirmed that Harmony Samuels will also be working with her on her second album. She revealed this by stating in a live stream "I wanna play a Harmony song" when talking about which new song to play for the audience.


List of Ariana Grande songs that Samuels worked for:

Yours Truly (2013)

My Everything (2014)

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