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"Hope is the Song" is a song by Ariana Grande and Jim Carrey from the show Kidding, The song is featured in the fifth episode of the show's second season aired on February 23, 2020. The song is written by Carrey.


The song was first teased by Grande on her Instagram, a few days before the episode was released. The song is a classic musical Broadway-like ballad, she harmonizes with Carrey during the entire song.


[Verse: Ariana Grande, Mr. Baggett]
Where do you turn?
When there’s no one to turn to?
When it's so hard to cope
How can you start to make a change?
Maybe learn to
What do you need?

[Chorus: Ariana Grande with Jim Carrey]
Hope is the song
When the world is a menace
Hope is an open door
Maybe getting back up again is
What falls are for