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Isaac Calpito (born October 30, 1980)[1] is a dancer. He was Ariana Grande's choreographer and one of her best friends from early 2012 to mid 2014.[2] He is of Hawaiian descent.[3] He has done Ariana's choreography for everything she does, from performances to music videos.[4] He resigned as Ariana's choreographer in July or August 2014. It is speculated that Ariana and he are no longer friends.


  • In the thank-you notes for Ariana's album Yours Truly, Isaac was one of the people Ariana thanked.
  • Isaac was at Ariana's photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • They went to Japan together with some of Ariana's other friends in early 2014.[5]
  • They tried to make a scary movie together.[6][7]
  • When Ariana found out she won the iHeartRadio Music Award for Young Influence, she hugged Isaac.
  • She posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, "my best friend, choreographer & creative director @isaacboots thank u for the endless inspiration and for pushing me to grow as an artist and to shake my booty I love u".[8]
  • Isaac attended Ariana's 18th birthday and 21st birthday parties.

Isaac resigning[]

The last thing Isaac ever posted about Ariana was that he was working on the choreography for "Break Free" with her on July 10, 2014.[9] Rumors began circulating that Isaac was fired from being Ariana's choreography as they hadn't been seen together or interacted online in a while. On September 17, 2014, he posted a short video of a Mariah Carey song.[10] Many fans claimed he was throwing shade at Ariana but he denied this.[11] The next day Isaac wrote several tweets that in which he said he didn't get fired, but he quit. He said he wished Ariana the best and enjoyed working together.[12] One source claims that Isaac quit because he couldn't stand Ariana's "diva behavior".[13] A different source states that Isaac was suspended after some women in Ariana's team were complaining about his "inappropriate behavior" towards them. After that, an investigation was launched but Isaac quit because the results showed there were "serious issues" involving him.[14] It is unknown as to the real reason why Isaac no longer works with Ariana.


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