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Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy (born June 26, 1992) is an American actress that is know for her role as Sam Puckett on the show iCarly and its spin-off Sam & Cat which also stars Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine. Jennette and Ariana were both part of the main cast of the movie Swindle. Ariana and Jennette were close friends.

Friendship with Ariana

  • Ariana and Jennette often hang out together.
  • Jennette accidentally made her phone number public, but Ariana forgave her quickly and admitted that she had fun speaking to her fans.
  • They have done a live stream together in which they did prank calls, made dessert, etc.
  • They both share the same birthday, June 26, Jennette being a year older.
  • On Figure It Out, when the rotten food fell down on the panelists, Jennette helped Ariana fix her makeup.
  • Ariana said in one of her live chats that Jennette is her close friend.
  • They tweet each other often.
  • Their past shows (iCarly and Victorious) ended around the same time.
  • Jennette came to Ariana's house to co-host a live Twitcam on August 10, 2012.
  • They both sang "Leave It All to Shine" in "iParty with Victorious".
  • They both love doing covers of their favorite songs on YouTube.
  • They were both on Figure It Out together on plenty of episodes.
  • They worked together on Victorious in the episode "Crazy Ponnie" (Note that Jennette was not portraying her character Sam on iCarly in this episode, but a crazy girl called Ponnie), "iParty with Victorious", iCarly segments, and now Sam & Cat.
  • Ariana and Jennette were both in a TV Nickelodeon movie called Swindle along with other Nickelodeon stars.[1]
  • When Ariana found out that she won the AMA award "New Artist of the Year", she hugged Jennette.
  • Jennette and Ariana are worked on Sam & Cat together while portraying the two main characters.

Drama with Nickelodeon and Rumored Feud

On March 3, 2014, photos of Jennette were leaked of her in lingerie. Some people believed that Nickelodeon would cancel Sam & Cat because of the photos but no statement was released of such decision. Later that month, the 2014 Kids Choice Awards were held where both Ariana Grande and Jennette were in the run for the Best Actresses award. However, Jennette didn't show up to the ceremony. Ariana ended up winning the award. Later that night, Jennette posted on Twitter:
"A lot of you guys are asking why I didn't attend the KCAs…. I wish I could explain everything as thoroughly as I would like to, but unfortunately a simpler explanation is all I can write. I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing. I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians and Arianators alike. No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first. If you have done that, thank you."
Jennette then said that her tweet wasn't about the leaked photos but about "how Nickelodeon treated me." Soon afterwards Jennette unfollowed Ariana on Twitter.

A couple of weeks later, Ariana posted a long message on Twitter and Facebook addressing a rumor that she was paid more than Jennette. She denied this and said that they were always treated fairly and equally from the start of Sam & Cat.[2]

On April 2, 2014, Nickelodeon announced that Sam & Cat would go on hiatus because the cast and crew were overworked and tired from the very long 40 episode first season. No other announcements have been made and Ariana has stated that "it's not up to us".

On June 2, 2014, Jennette posted a TwitLonger about a bad friendship that many people are claiming is about Ariana. Jennette hasn't confirmed or denied it is about her. Later that summer, Jennette started a web series What's Next For Sarah which is based on her life. One of the characters was a vegan pop-star called Gloriana, who was rumored to be based off Ariana.[3]

In early 2015, Jennette McCurdy confirmed in interviews that she and Ariana were still friends and they had not been feuding.