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Jones Crow (born March 25, 1983)[2] is one of Ariana Grande's photographers.[3] He has taken the cover shoots for Yours Truly and My Everything.


  • Ariana first met Jones in July 2012 after seeing the music video for Leon Thomas III's song "Forever" which Jones had directed.[4]
  • Jones went to see Ariana during her performance at the Fresno Fair.[5]
  • He said he missed Ariana on October 12, 2012.[6]
  • Jones was editing one of Ariana's photo shoots on December 11, 2012.[7]
  • Jones was at one of Ariana's rehearsals on November 9, 2012.[8]
  • When Ariana was in A Snow White Christmas, Jones went to watch it.[9]
  • The "Baby I", "Problem", and Yours Truly cover pictures were taken by Jones.
  • Jones has directed the music videos for "Die in Your Arms"[10] and "Gimme Some Lovin'"[11] as well as the lyric video for "Problem".
  • Jones posted a picture of Ariana dancing.
  • On August 11, 2013, Jones posted a picture of him with Ariana with the caption "through thick and thin, I'll be by your side."[12]
  • After Yours Truly went #1, Jones posted a picture of Ariana celebrating.[13]
  • Jones posted a picture of Ariana performing at the 2013 Jingle Ball.
  • Ariana has said she and Jones have a post-show ritual where Jones carries her off stage after she performs.[14]
  • In December 2013, Jones posted a picture of Ariana with the caption, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive".
  • Jones has the same tattoo as Ariana, a small outline of a heart on his toe.[15]
  • When Ariana's grandpa passed away, Jones tweeted Ariana, "I love you like the moon loves earth. Even when ya can't see me, know I'm there for ya".
  • His favorite song on Ariana's album My Everything is "Only 1".[16]