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Leon G. Thomas III (born August 1, 1993) is an American actor, producer, and singer and one of Ariana Grande's good friends. He is best known for playing Andre Harris on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. Fans often refer their friendship as "Arieon" (Ari/ana and L/eon).

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • Ariana wished Leon a happy birthday in one of her YouTube videos.
  • Ariana posted a video of her and Leon "jammin and dancing'" on YouTube.
  • Ariana posted a YouTube video of her and Leon riding a roller coaster together. At the end of the video, Ariana hugs Leon.
  • Ariana and Leon did a few Ustream videos together.
  • In one of her YouTube videos, Ariana and Leon (along with Elizabeth Gillies and Eric Lange) are at the zoo together.
  • In one of Ariana's YouTube videos, Ariana and Leon are singing together while Matt dances along. Later, Leon is playing the piano, and right when Liz is about to suggest a song he should play, Ariana interrupts her and starts singing, to which Leon immediately accompanies her instead of listening to Liz. Even later in the video, when Ariana gets out of the no-laughing contest, Leon tells her it's okay and pats her as she goes into the other room.
  • When Leon is describing the cast, he says, "2nd one is Ariana, she is definitely the cutie of the cast, she's just got a cute personality, and, you know, she's, you know, always looking for fun."
  • When Ariana had to describe her castmates with one word, she said Leon was "soulful".
  • Leon performed for Ariana at her 18th birthday party.
  • In a video Dan posted of the cast waiting for Victoria to show up so they could start the table-read, Ariana is leaning her arms and head on Leon's shoulder and is sitting next to him.
  • In a picture of Leon and Ariana at her 18th birthday party, it looks like they are dancing together.
  • During the Victorious marathon the cast members did a web chat with each other from their summer vacation and Ariana and Leon do one together. In which at some point Ariana asks Leon what he's doing and Leon says "Beside talking with you pretty lady..." to which Ariana smiles and covers her cheeks with her hands.
  • Ariana said on Twitter that she and Leon wrote a song called "Knock Knock" together, but that they never got around to recording it.
  • Leon tweeted that his favorite thing about Ariana was her voice.
  • Ariana re-tweeted that Leon was going into the studio, and she said to make beautiful music.
  • In this video, Leon prank calls Ariana.
  • Leon congratulated Ariana via Twitter for reaching 1,000,000 followers. Ariana thanked him and told him that he was a good friend.
  • Ariana tweeted that she loved and adored Leon.
  • Leon attended Ariana's show at The Roxy to support her.
  • In one of the past Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, you can see Ariana holding on to Leon.
  • Leon put his hand over Ariana in the KCAs.
  • Leon, Ariana, and Liz Gillies presented the award for Best British TV Show in the Kids Choice Awards.
  • They sung a song called "Take Care" together.
  • In this video, Ariana and Liz impersonate Leon and when Liz says "We love Leon more than anyone," Ari adds, "In the whole world!"
  • Leon spent Christmas Eve with the Grandes. He even tweeted twice about it.
  • Ariana works with Leon on a daily basis.[1]
  • He is part of the music group called The Rascals, who produced and co-wrote half of Ariana's album Yours Truly.
  • After seeing Ariana perform at the MTV VMAs pre show he said, "It's good to see people that I love, people that I really respect doing that well. [Ariana] is killing the game right now."[2]
  • Leon came to Ariana's show with Matt Bennett on the 1st of April.
  • Leon had recently went on The Zach Sang Show and did a interview with Zach Sang on September 27, 2023, discussing how he and Ariana had made "Safety Net" and "Nasty". [1]
  • During the same interview on the Zach Sang Show on September 27, 2023, both Zach and Leon were expressing their love for Ariana, while they both mentioned and talk about their friendship with Ariana over the years.[2]


List of Ariana Grande songs that Thomas worked for as part of music production duo The Rascals:

Yours Truly (2013)[]

Christmas Kisses (2013)[]

Positions (2020)[]




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