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| nicknames = Mac
| nicknames = Mac
| gender = Male
| gender = Male
| born = January 19, 1992 (age 22)
| born = January 19, 1992 (age 23)
| occupation = Rapper, producer
| occupation = Rapper, producer
| activity = 2007-present
| activity = 2007-present

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Malcolm James McCormick (professionally known as Mac Miller) is an American rapper. He was featured in the first single from Ariana Grande's debut album Yours Truly called "The Way".


  • Mac Miller and Ariana have been friends for a long time.
  • They did a cover of "Baby It's Cold Outside" in December 2012 which Ariana posted on her YouTube channel.
  • As soon as Ariana heard "The Way" she immediately thought of Miller and asked him to be on the track with her.
  • Ariana said in an interview that while Miller was recording his part of the song, she was upstairs in the kitchen baking him cookies.[1]
  • In the end of the music video for "The Way", Mac and Ariana kiss, causing there to be a lot of speculation of a relationship.
    • Even more rumors circulated when Ariana and her boyfriend Jai broke up, soon after the song was released.
      • Ariana denied all of this saying that the kiss was directed and that she and Mac were just friends.
  • Ariana said in an interview with Hot 97 that Mac is one of her "best friends in the world, like in the whole world".[2]
  • Mac said of Ariana, "Well [Ariana is] a very, very talented singer, like she can sing incredibly. And, that's awesome and she's a great person. She's one of the nicest just people I've ever met in my life."[3]


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