Madonna Louise Ciccone (born August 16, 1958, Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A.), known as Madonna is an American singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, author, director, record producer & dancer. She is friends with Ariana Grande. She makes a brief voice cameo in the music video for Grande's single, "God Is A Woman".

Relationship with Ariana

  • In April 2016, Ariana wore a Madonna-fashioned outfit for her performance on 2016 MTV Movie Awards.[1][2]
  • Madonna posted a picture of her and Ariana on Instagram with the caption 'Its Friday Bitches!'.[3] Ariana posted the same photo with the caption 'you know that we're greedy / living for love'.[4]
  • Ariana has said that Madonna is one of her fashion icons.
  • Ariana performed a cover of Madonna's song 'Vogue' on The Honeymoon Tour.
  • Ariana went to Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour were she was brought on stage to be the Unapologetic Bitch of the evening.
  • Ariana performed the song 'Music' with Madonna at a Raising Malawi benefit concert in December 2016.
  • Madonna wants to collaborate with Ariana Grande and Britney Spears together.[5]
  • On an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Ariana said about Madonna: "I have the utmost respect for that woman. I love her with every ounce of my being, and not just because I’m obsessed with her entire discography. I’m so inspired by her bravery and her strength. I can look at her and not be scared to be strong."
  • Ariana attended Madonna's 2018 Oscar After Party on March 4 with Mac Miller and other friends. It was her first public appearance of 2018.


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