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Matthew H. "Matt" Bennett (born November 13, 1991) is an American actor and singer. He is a very good friend of Ariana Grande.


Matt is known for his role of Robbie Shapiro on the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious (2010-2013), along with Ariana, who portrayed Cat Valentine.

Matt released his Robin Williams-inspired debut album Terminal Cases on June 10, 2016. Album can be purchased here.

On June 17, 2016, Zach Sang interviewed Matt about his debut album, his recent movies and he sang two of his songs, "Jumanji" and "Hook Pt. 1".

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • In the music video for "7 Secrets" by Victoria Justice, Matt has his hand on Ariana's back looking at something on her phone and then wraps both his arms around Ariana and she backs into him. Later, Matt is seen swinging Ariana around side to side, while she's still in his arms and she's laughing.
  • In the fun facts Dan Schneider posted for the episode "Stage Fighting", Dan jokingly said that Matt was very happy all week because he got to kiss Daniella Monet and Ariana multiple times.
  • In this video, Ariana said that Matt is the funniest person she has ever met in her life. She says that Matt came over last night and fooled around with her on her looping machine and that it was good. Also, Leon says they are the "Karaoke King and Queen" and Avan says that he loves that all of his answers have been Matt and Ariana.
    Thumb B7NwfczIMAEsa-Z

    a photograph of them on the set of the One Last Time music video

  • In one of Dan Schneider's videos Ariana is poking Matt and hitting him with a blue worm toy while he has a blanket pulled over his head, giggling as she does so. She runs her finger over his mouth and he bites it through the blanket and refuses to let go, making her laugh. Later in the video, Matt takes the blanket off of him and says that Ariana hit him in the eye with her worm toy, and she laughs and says, "I'm sorry", and goes to hug him.
  • In the music video for "Beggin' On Your Knees", they are seen feeding each other with cotton candy.
  • In one of Ariana's YouTube videos ('a fun little video we made') she and Matt are goofing around by singing, dancing, and rapping.
  • Matt said that Ariana had a beautiful voice.
  • Ariana did a segment for Popstar on "How to Dress Like Matt Bennett" and posted it on her Twitter.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana kept looking at each other during the interview. Notice the fact that there's so much space on the left of Ariana and she’s all up on Matt.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana give back to school advice and, while Matt is ranting, Ariana is staring at him and puts something on his lap.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana and Daniella Monet perform "I Want You Back" with Keenan Cahill and Ariana bumps into Matt and they stand next to each other. Matt could have gotten on Daniella's side during the I Want You Back part, but he chose Ariana's side.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana are standing very close together while playing the guitar together.
  • Ariana said in an interview that she is thankful for Matt and that he so funny and he teaches her how to play guitar and they hang out a lot, also in that same video Matt said he was thankful for Ariana's sense of humor.
  • In this video, the cast was racing in go-karts, and after Ariana said that Matt was the first person to bump into her and Matt shyly denied it.
  • They tweet each other often.
  • In this video, Ariana did an interview and they asked her "What was the funniest moment from working with the iCarly and Victorious cast together?" and she replied, "Matt Bennett trying to sing my one line at the end like a girl over and over again." As she said this, she waved at him.
  • Matt and Ariana are holding hands in this video.
  • In this video Ariana and Matt are being pranked by Dan; telling them to pose for a picture but instead, he films them. Their sitting in front of each other and their heads are very close. They seem to be having a lot of fun because Ariana keeps laughing.
  • Ariana called Matt "Matty."
  • In an ocean up interview, Ariana said that Matt is funniest person she's ever met and often drops by her house without tell her he's going to show up.
  • Liz Gillies tweeted that she, Matt, and Ariana created a YouTube account for fun crazy stuff called WeAreStoopKid and the video's are mostly about angry Matt which Ariana and Liz film and you always hear Ariana cracking up in the background when Matt's pretending he's angry.
  • Ariana and Matt were on Brainsurge together.
  • In this interview around 1:15 Ariana said that her grandpa doesn't like Matt because she and the latter had to kiss in the Victorious episode "Stage Fighting", and that he thinks Matt is Robbie, so he thinks that there's something there.
  • In this video Matt is giving a tour, and Ariana walks up to him and says, "Where you going?" She puts her left arm around his waist, and then then Matt puts his arm around her and starts to say (about Ariana), "She is a very hilarious young woman, she has a bright future, as both, as actress and as a singer, and I'm very proud of her," which makes Ariana smile. They have a little eye contact, and then Matt says' "She's also short."
  • In this video, Matt pretends to be a kangaroo and Ariana starts laughing and says he's amazing.
  • In this video, Matt is having Ariana say the word 'Cornwallis' but she can't stop laughing. She tries to hold his hand, and at the end it seems like she falls into his lap or chest laughing.
  • In this video Matt and Ariana do another interview about the Big Help and they stand very close together and stare at each other. Matt holds the microphone for Ariana when she speaks.
  • In an interview Matt and Ariana talk about each other's music, and they say that they are both very supportive of each other. Matt says that he's very proud of Ariana, and Ariana hugs him and says, "Thank you, Matty." Matt also calls Ariana his "little angel" and "blessing in disguise," and Ariana gets a very surprised expression and jokingly says, "Thanks, Dad." She also says that Matt's music is awesome, and Matt is rubbing her shoulder. The interviewer says she loves how supportive they are of each other.
  • Dan posted a picture on Facebook of Matt and Ariana hugging each other while filming the Victorious episode "The Blonde Squad".
  • Ariana tweeted "lunch with my castmate <3" which was about Matt.
  • Ariana tweeted this video of Matt teaching her how to speak Japanese and their heads are very close together. She tweeted these words "This happened 5 minutes ago.. @MattBennett attempting to teach me Japanese! Lol! #failing We are stoop kid! :]"
  • In this video, for the Victorious Xbox Commercial you notice that Matt and Ariana are the reason for the accident that happens in there dressing rooms, Ariana spills the water in the girls' room and Matt lets go of his papers in the boys' room.
  • In this video, Matt tries to pull Avans pants down but when he fails to do so. Ariana giggles and Matt defenselessly says "they were tied on".
  • Ariana's brother, Frankie did a LiveStream, and Ariana got a text and said, "Aww Matt" and showed Liz, Frankie then showed the phone to the camera and it was a picture of Matt.
  • In this video, the iCarly and the Victorious cast are at a St. Judes fundraiser and around 3:02 you can see in the background Ariana goes to were Matt is sitting (you cannot see Matt because he is sitting down) and she starts telling him something then he gets up and whispers something in her ear then she laughs and they have a little conversation and they get very close to each-other.
  • Matt did an interview and the interviewer asked him "Biggest flirt?" He replies, "Me, but I mean it when I flirt" which means he was honestly flirting with Ariana when he wrapped his arms around her in the "7 Secrets with Victoria Justice" also when they were holding hands in one of Dan's video's.
  • In an interview by Daniella Monet, Matt says that he loves Ariana more than The Wonder Girls. Then she says "Thank you Matt" and smiles at him then she starts to blush and get all embarrassed and smacks his hand playfully while both of them are laughing. They have like a little sign language talk until Daniella interrupts them.
  • In this video Ariana is doing an interview (with Liz and Leon) and at 2:35 the interviewer ask who from your cast would you slime and Ariana says "Matt Bennett" and she also says that "he would love it".
  • When the Victorious cast won a KCA award, they were on stage where Matt goes to hug Ariana then after Victoria gives her little speech Ariana playfully taps Matts arms in excitement and joy then you can see Matt has his arm around her when the speech is over.
  • In this WeAreStoopKid video Ariana is filming in Matt's car and Matt puts on her seat belt for her and says "safety first" meaning he doesn't want anything to happen to her. When Matt is leaving, Ariana says playfully "Thanks Dad." It looks like he is going around to the drivers seat so they could have been driving somewhere together.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana are walking down the street then Ariana films Matt making weird noises while walking and she starts cracking up. In the end, Matt stops and looks at Ariana and it looks like he was gonna tell her something but she turned off the camera.
  • Ariana tweeted "Baking a cake with @mattbennett@jennettemccurdy @uptomyknees @LizGillies &@FrankieJGrande :D 🎂".
  • @uptomyknees tweeted " @arianagrande and @mattbennett in: the fine art of blanket dancing".
  • Matt tweeted "I think @Uptomyknees is basically the Fox from Pinocchio. In this scenario,@ArianaGrande, @LizGillies and I are PInocchio. #scaryscenario"
  • Ariana tweeted a picture of Matt (and Leon and Avan) and said "i love these boys"!
  • In this video Matt is filming Ariana singing and she couldn't stop laughing at Matt behind the camera and when she is done singing it looks like she is going up to him.
  • Liz tweeted "@MattBennett just threw @ArianaGrande in a trash can."
  • In this video Ariana is filming Matt and Liz, and throughout the video Ariana is cracking up in the background while Matt is freaking out. After he knocks the chair over Ariana says, "You're losing your voice" while she giggles, and when Matt rips the drawing she goes "oh" in a shocked way.
  • Matt tweeted from Ariana's account, "You know who is the coolest person? @MattBennett" and "When I think of cool I think of @MattBennett" then Ariana tweeted "……….Never leaving my computer unattended again. LOL. <3 @MattBennett is pretty cool though! "
  • In this video, at 4:38, while Ariana is doing an interview, Matt comes in to give Ariana a hug and says playing around "my celebrity crush right here" then she calls him "Romeo."
  • Matt tweeted a WeAreStoopKid video called "Slo-Mo Grande" which is a video of Ariana jumping out of a trailer in slo-mo over and over, and his tweet said, "New StoopKid, my favorite one yet..."
  • In this video, (at around 3:15) Popstar Magazine ask a bunch of people who would they punk and and Ariana said she would punk Matt because he is always pranking her and Liz.
  • Ariana tweeted this picture of Matt with this description "Matt has a camera strapped to his chest.. #reallife"
  • Ariana replied this to Matt "Love it so much.. Nice job, Matty! RT@MattBennett I made a video of all the stuff I did this month, behold" In the video there are scenes with Ariana in it that Matt put together.
  • Ariana tweeted "@mattbennett pulled @leonthomas's pants down. @lizgillies & I are dying #neverlaughedthishard #fellonthefloor"
  • In this video, Matt makes Ariana laugh a lot; he films her doing crazy things, scaring her about 3 times and making her put on his glasses, and at the end of the video Matt puts the camera super close to her face to see the tears she has from him making her laugh so much. Ariana is also wearing Matt's jacket.
  • Ariana tweeted that she loves Matt (and the rest of the cast too).
  • In this video, the Victorious cast is having a concert and performing 5 Fingaz in the Face and Ariana seems to go to Matt and dance with him. When she sings "5 fingaz in the face" she puts her hand to him, they dance together and laugh a lot in this video. They acted the same during same with the Make It Shine and I Want You Back.
  • Before Ariana and Victoria were about to perform "LA Boys", Matt says that Ariana's lyrics were about him; Also, Victoria asked Matt what his song "I Think You're Swell" was inspired by and he replied saying he wrote the song for Ari.
  • In one video Matt was asked what his favorite pet was and he asks "Does Ariana Grande count? and then calls Ariana his cat.
  • Ariana tweeted this keek video of her and Matt getting ready to film a scene. After the director leaves, Matt says "Nice night" sarcastically and Ariana laughs.
  • In Ariana's and Liz's live chat Ariana kept bringing up Matt. Ariana played the song "I Think You're Swell" and said that Matt wrote a song called Beverly which she thinks is cute. She also showed a video of Liz and her going into Matt's dressing room to see if they could do a new stoopkid video but Matt was sleeping and Ariana said it was really cute. They also tried to prank call him, but he didn't answer. When they prank-called Avan, Avan first guessed it was Ariana because she was laughing, then Matt, assuming that he was with Ariana.
  • Ariana tweeted this keek video of her and Matt in the KCA's and Ariana is filming Matt going through the seats and saying everyone's name wrong and you hear Ariana laughing in the background.
  • In the June 2012 video for Matt's youtube channel, Matt and Ariana goes to roller coaster together, and they are gripping their hands tightly together.
  • Ariana tweeted "As seen on stoop kid lol [1]"and a video to go along with it and its of Matt teaching Ariana how to speak Japanese.
  • Ariana tweeted "Who's coming to @mattbennett's show tomorrow night? 94 ave A at 7 PM.. It's free and we might be singin a little duet ☺😉".
  • Ariana also tweeted "du wop @mattbennett!u8kkaab "(if you look through Ariana keeks you will see she has a lot of videos with Matt).
  • Ariana tweeted "Chocolate syringes! Yum @alexaluria (@lexie1225) @mattbennett (@bonnott)".
  • Ariana tweeted "Matt Bennett loves modern art". Ariana also tweeted a photo of her and Matt laying down backwards like the show Switched at Birth.
  • Ariana tweeted "It was meeting so many of you tonight.. #sweatyMoshPit How fantastic was Matt's performance??".
  • Ariana tweeted to Matt "@mattbennett you were amazing tonight! Thanks for having me on stage w you.. so proud of you!".
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana are singing "I Think You're Swell" together, and in the beginning Ariana is wiping the sweat off of Matt's face. Also, Ariana seemed to be nervous when she was singing with Matt. In addition, she looks at him in a way that could be seen as flirty. At the end of the video, Ariana gives Matt a hug and whispers omething in his ear. She then wipes the sweat off his face again.
  • In this video, Matt and Ariana are waiting to get backstage and Ariana is standing very close to Matt then at around 0:35 they finally go in and Matt turns around for Ariana and you can see him put his arm around her when they go inside.
  • In this video, at 5:35 Ariana goes to Matt dancing a little bit and hands him the microphone and he says something to her but the camera turns away.
  • In the end of their performance of "I Think You're Swell", Ariana hugged Matt.
  • In this video, Matt performs his song and you hear in the beginning Ariana scream "Matt Bennett everybody." After Matt performs one of his songs, he asks for water and Ariana gives him her water then after Matt plays some more songs she gives him a towel. Matt then asks Ariana to come up and sing "I Think You're Swell" with him and she does, and at the end of the video, when Matt ends the show, fans are asking for his towels, so he passes them out and gives the last one to Ariana.
  • Ariana tweeted: "Another great show tonight Matty... :]" and "And later if you're hungry.. I'll make you some spaghetti woop"
  • Ariana also retweeted a photo of her and Matt.
  • Ariana tweeted "Video from @mattbennett's show last night.. Enjoy!".In the video Matt and Ariana are singing "I Think You're Swell" and in the beginning Matt starts to make jokes and throughout the video Matt keeps making Ariana laugh and they dance together. Matt also tells the crowd that if Ariana forgets the words to not laugh at her. At the end, Ariana forgets the word and looks at Matt as if to ask him for help, then Matt tells Ariana to play his guitar and she does.
  • In this video, Matt is wearing Ariana's jacket.
  • In this video, Matt licks Ariana's forehead.
  • This video is behind the scenes of the music video for "All I Want Is Everything". At 1:15, Matt is speaking and Ariana is looking up at him and they are very close to each other. Also, at 1:46, Matt and Ariana are talking to each other until they get interrupted and Ariana explains the posters while putting the paper on Matt's chest.
  • In Matt's video called 'CARaoke with Matt Bennett!', one of the tags is lil cutie Ariana Grande.
  • In this video, Matt, Ariana, Liz and Avan are all hugging and they collaspe on the floor while hugging. Also, Matt pushes away the chair so Ariana wouldnt hit her head when they fall on the floor. Matt and Ariana put their heads together and start to sing the song playing. When they collapse on the floor, Ariana slips her arm under Matt's arm.
  • In one of Ariana's livestreams, a fan asked what it was like kissing Matt. Ariana said that his lips are big and plush. She ended her answer with 'so, it was nice'.
  • In Ariana and Liz's livestream, Ariana mentioned 'Ariana Can't Stop The Giggles ' and Liz said that it was like a love letter.
  • In this video, Ariana tells Popstar magazine what she got Matt for his birthday and at the end of the video she says "Happy Birthday Matty".
  • In this video, Matt, Victoria and Daniella are saying their favorite moments on set and Matt says his favorite moment was scaring Ariana. She was doing a webisode and Matt comes from underneath her bed and screams at the top of his lungs and that Ariana screamed and ran off set to the front door.
  • In this interview, Ariana is talking about Cabbie and says "he kisses me", meaning Robbie kisses Cat, but the way she worded it made it sound like Matt kisses Ariana.
  • In Ariana's livechat, someone asked "Who from the Victorious cast is most similar to their character?" and as Ariana was going through the cast when she got to Matt she said "Matt and Robbie..." and she pauses and smiles then continues to say " a little bit not so much, Matt and Robbie are very different" .
  • In this stoop kid video Matt is filming Ariana and making her say random noises.
  • In a stoop kid video (that they deleted) Matt was riding on Ariana's back and Ariana said that it hurt so he got down and was hugging her, then she got up and he kept hugging her, than she said "that really hurt yo".
  • In this video of them, Matt said that he was Ariana's biggest fan and then kissed her on the cheek.
  • Matt appears in the music videos for Grande's singles "One Last Time" and "Thank U, Next".
  • He attended Ariana's "7 Rings" release party.
  • In this video, Matt joins Ariana on stage at her Atlanta show of the Sweetener World Tour and they performed "I Think You're Swell".
  • During a interview with the Zach Sang Show on August 9, 2023, Matt talked about how Ariana was his biggest business influence.[2]
  • On August 25, 2023, Matt posted on his TikTok playing Ariana’s Version of "Honeymoon AvenueYours Truly live in London performance at his "Party101 LegendsTour". He captioned the post saying "YES! Hella excited to play this loud all weekend!" he was also was singing some of the lyrics from the song.[3]


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