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  • Hey Jemina. :) It's yours truly, Tats. ^.^

    Lol do you know anything much about Australian states?

    Their accent is just really wierd. I don't watch much British shows but I really love Britain cos Little Mix is. :)

    Some news does affect others. A few weeks ago here in Aus it actually showed actual footage on the news of these young girls getting hit by a really affected me. :/

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    • Well, it just happened again.

      I know people that watch TVD and PLL too. Most people are into shows like American or Korean shows. The first time I watched it was when I was 11 in a hotel. Before I watched cartoons on ABC Kids. My mum did something similar. I did watch it when I was 6-7, but then she didn't let me. She still doesn't approve of the TV shows I watch now. She says they are stupid and will make me stupid. The only shows that she knows I've watched are Disney or Nick shows and I haven't watched them in ages, except for S&C.

      Oh. :/

      Yeah I get the feeling. My mum does it too, except she also did it when I was younger. I know this sounds bad, but I actually feel uncomfortable when she does it, even at home. A few times, when I walked into a room and didn't expect her there, I screamed, I don't even know why. I don't have that problem since she got her menopause really early. Were you the only other person in the car?

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    • I messaged you somewhere else. :) If you didn't get it, I'll notify you somewhere where you can see it.

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