"You can feel it, feel it."
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"Nasty" is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande intended for her sixth studio album.[1]

Background Edit

Grande posted a 45 second snippet of the song on Twitter and Instagram on March 24, 2020.[1][2]

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]
You got me all up in my feels
In all kind of ways
I be tryna wait, but lately I just wanna keep it real (real)
No more playin' safe
Let's take it all the way
I'm just sayin'

I just wanna make time for ya
Swear it's just right for ya
Like this pussy designed for ya
Ten out of five on ya
Know it's all out on the line for ya
But I look nice on you
Open my mind for you

Don't wanna wait on it, tonight I wanna get nasty (Yeah, yeah)
What you waitin' for? (What you waitin' for?)
What you-


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