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Nicholas "Nick" Jerry Jonas is an American singer songwriter and the youngest former member of the Jonas Brothers, a Disney-formed boy band with his brothers Joe and Kevin.


  • Nicholas Jonas (2005)
  • Nick Jonas (2014)
  • Last Year Was Complicated (2016)
  • Spaceman (2021)

Association to Grande[]

In the livestream that the only known Sandman snippet was played, Ariana mentioned that she recorded a duet with Nick Jonas, and wrote a few songs with him. The songs were most likely intended for Yours Truly by Ariana Grande. Nick also revealed to ET Online that he and Ariana wrote some songs together. [1]


  • Nick Jonas gave Ariana some advice for the coaching on the Voice and said "I mean, Ariana — as we all know — is one of the best singers in the game and she's gonna be an incredible coach. I think the only advice I would give is just not to trust any one of you," [2]
  • Ariana replaced him as a coach on the Voice.
  • Nick and Grande spent time together on the set of Scream Queens in 2015 and he mentioned that a collab may be in the works. [3]