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Njomza Vitia (born April 22, 1994) known mononymously as Njomza (stylized in all uppercase) is an American singer and songwriter. She used to work with Ariana Grande and was previously one of her best friends.

Friendship with Ariana and Falling Out[]

Njomza was a very close friend of Mac Miller. She was the first artist signed to Mac's label (REMember Music), and he helped her getting into the music industry.[1] They collaborated several times, including a song of Mac's 2016 album The Divine Feminine, which Ariana also was featured on. Ariana, Njomza, Mac, and some other friends dressed up as characters from Harry Potter in September 2016.[2]

Njomza flew to NYC on September 27, 2018[3] to film music videos. Ariana began working on her album, Thank U, Next at this time. Njomza said one day they were just hanging out as friends, but she ended up going to the studio with Ariana.[4] They posted pictures together on October 5, 2018[5] and October 10, 2018.[6] Njomza helped write the title track and the song "7 Rings." She was one of the girls in the music video whom Ariana bought a ring for and was actually the person who suggested that she write a song about the experience.[7]

In early 2020, the pair hung out together and interacted on social media frequetly. Njomza was at the Grammy's with Ariana on January 26, 2020.[8] Ariana, Njomza, and Mikey Foster went to Disneyland together on Febraruy 1, 2020.[9] Njomza and Ariana sang karoke of "Killing Me Softly" at a party hosted by Scooter Braun at Saddle Ranch Chop House on February 26, 2020.[10][11] On March 7, 2020, Ariana went to Thundercat's concert with Njomza.[12] Thundercat posted a picture of the three of them together, with the caption "healing."[13] The three of them were all close to Mac, so the caption could have potentially been in relation to that.

At the end of May 2020, Ariana unfollowed Njomza on Instagram.[14] This action led fans to believe that Njomza and Ariana had some sort of falling out. They did not publicly interact again until Grande's sixth studio album, Positions dropped. Njomza then congratulated Ariana on the album by posting a screenshot of her streaming a track onto her Instagram story. Unfortunately, "Girl Is Mine" didn't make the final cut, adding more evidence to the suggestion that they are no longer friends.


  • Sad For You (2017)
  • Vacation (2018)
  • Limbo (2021)


List of Ariana Grande songs that Njomza worked on:

Thank U, Next (2018 - 2019)[]