Osnapitzari is Ariana Grande's official YouTube channel. Currently, she has 142 videos. She named her YouTube channel "osnapitzari" which means "Oh, snap, it's Ari". It's also a reference to "That's So Raven". Ariana's old videos were before she became famous and she was also a brunette.


Ariana has made many impressions of different artists/people she likes. She has made many covers and has also a lot of other videos that are just random.


Freaky Forever

When Ariana was younger, she did a series called "Freaky Forever" about two siblings who one day woke up in each other's bodies.

Freaky Forever is a parody of the movie "Freaky Friday".

Starring in this series are Ariana Grande & Aaron Simon Gross as the siblings (Note they are not siblings in real life).


WeAreStoopKid is a YouTube channel that Ariana runs along side with her co-stars from Victorious, Matt Bennett (Robbie) and Liz Gilles (Jade).


ArianaGrandeVevo is Ariana's official VEVO YouTube channel. It only features one video so far, the music video for Put Your Hearts Up.


  • There are many fans that make youtube channels with similar names such as Osnapitz(Insert name here).
  • Many people have also tried to impersonate Ariana Grande, but the only channels she has something to do with are OsnapitzAri and WeAreStoopKid which she runs with Liz Gilles and Matt Bennett.
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