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Penny Pingleton is a character from the musical Hairspray. Ariana Grande portrayed Penny in the live production of the musical, which aired on NBC in 2016.


Penny Pingleton is a high school girl who is obsessed with the Corny Collins show, which she attempts to audition for at some point. She is socially awkward and is best friends with another character in the show, named Tracy, who Penny's mother does not approve of.


Ariana's role as Penny was confirmed in July 2016.[1]


Penny is a nerdy, socially-awkward teenage girl whose only friend in the world is Tracy Turnblad. Both girls share a deep interest in the Corny Collins show; they are seen rushing over to Tracy's house to watch it in both films.

After Tracy becomes an overnight sensation in Baltimore, she introduces Penny to Seaweed, one of Tracy's Black friends, and the two are smitten instantly.

Unfortunately for Penny, her relationship with Seaweed is hated on by her racist, religiously-devout mother, who tries by all means to keep her away from Blacks, even going to the extreme of locking her in her bedroom, and in the 2007 film, ties her to her bed.

However, Seaweed comes to the rescue, and the two realize their love for each other, and in both films, it is implied that Penny would no longer return to her mother.

Songs by Penny on Hairspray Live![]

This is a list showing songs by Penny in Hairspray Live! Alone or with the cast.

  1. Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now - Ariana Grande, Maddie Baillio & Dove Cameron
  2. Without Love - Maddie Baillio, Garrett Clayton, Ariana Grande & Ephraim Sykes
  3. You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray Live! cast
  4. Come So Far (Got So Far To Go) - Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson


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