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Piggy Smallz[1][2] is a pet pig adopted by Ariana Grande and her now former-fiancé, Pete Davidson. She's an emotional support animal.


  • Ariana showed Piggy Smallz for the first time on September 16, 2018.[3]
  • On September 17, 2018, Pete got a tattoo of Piggy Smallz.[1]
  • Ariana kept Piggy Smallz following her split from Pete.
  • Ariana created an Instagram account for Piggy, @realpiggysmallz. It currently has over 380k followers.
  • Ariana made an unofficial music video for "Breathin" featuring Piggy Smallz. It was a 30-second clip of Piggy on a loop for the song's duration.
  • Piggy Smallz was nominated for "Cutest Musician's Pet" at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards.[4]
  • During the 34 35 Remix (Countdown to Premiere) (timestamp - 5:37/19:35), on February 11, 2021, @bloodsline on Twitter asked about Piggy Smallz and Grande jokingly stated that Piggy had asked her to stop posting her as much because "she is actually really offended by the jokes you make on Twitter," and that "she doesn't like the jokes about her being eaten," but then continued with "No, she's great!". [5]



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